Tuesday, November 28

Heather Graham opens up about choosing not to have children

Heather Graham talks about not regretting her decision not to have children. The actress told People magazine about her views on social norms for women, The Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me actress told me: “I think we all have different paths.”

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“You just have to hug whoever you are with,” he continued. “If she had had kids somehow, I’m sure she would have been great. But now that I don’t have children, I feel free. And I sleep a lot. That’s very good. Graham explained that she felt “as a woman, culturally you can’t say, ‘I didn’t want children. Because it is, what’s wrong with you?’” But today “women are increasingly free to make their own decisions”. (Hollywood Reporter)

He On a wing and a prayer The actress said she doesn’t feel like she’s missing anything by not being a mother and believes that “if you’re supposed to have kids, you have kids.”
While she doesn’t have little kids running around in her personal life, Graham said, “Sometimes I feel like my projects are little kids; I started to get more interested in producing, writing and directing.” (Hollywood reporter)

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He stated that it has been “difficult but very rewarding” to focus on his career and goals. Graham isn’t the only star who’s open about not wanting kids. Seth Rogen recently told The Kelly Clarkson Show that he doesn’t want kids either and neither does his wife.

“We All Have Different Paths”-Heather Graham Talks About Choice Of Not Having Kids

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