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Heidi Montag’s Journey Of Being A Healthy Mom Of Two Little Munchkins

American Television Personality Heidi Montag successfully transformed her by losing 22 pounds of weight, i.e. nearly 9.5 kgs. Heidi shared two children with Spencer Pratt. After her first pregnancy, she understood that it was necessary to become a healthy mom. She shared her experience of healthy transformation with Us Weekly. She said, “I learned from my first child that if I didn’t get back in the gym and really get that strength immediately, that I would end up with back problems.”

For post-birth-body transformation, she went with the weight-loss supplement Hydroxycut. For her best version, it helped her a lot as it has multivitamins which provided her with the kind of energy she would require to handle her two sons throughout the day. Not only this, but Heidi loved to work out. She lifts weights 3 to 5 days a week. Her husband Pratt was a great support to her throughout her journey. Initially, Pratt and Heidi used to compete in a gym, but now Pratt let her enjoy her time in the gym so that she could focus on herself and feel better about her body. She said that during that time Pratt looks after their kids. Both husband and wife are on their workout paths. 

Heidi wants to pass on a healthy lifestyle to her kids. She wants her children to see that their parents consume healthy foods daily and so that they can get this habit. But she also tries to maintain balance, as she doesn’t want to deprive them of their childhood. 

When a woman becomes a mother, she sacrifices many things because she doesn’t get much time for herself. But Mogan has done it, “A Healthiest Mom” with the support of Pratt. 

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