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Here’s Why Madonna’s Pepsi Ad Was Banned 34 Yrs Ago

why madonna pepsi ad was banned

In 1989, Pepsi signed a $5 million deal with Madonna. The deal mentioned the usage of Madonna’ song “Like A Prayer” in the TV commercial. However, when the official music video was released, it received massive outrage, particularly from Christian organizations. As a result, Pepsi pulled back the commercial featuring Madonna.

34 years later, on the occasion of Pepsi’s 125th anniversary, the ad has been aired again. The banned commercial was aired at the MTV Video Music Awards on Tuesday. Madonna was filled with joy to see her commercial being finally accepted after 34 years. She took to her Twitter handle and shared the ad while mentioning the reason why it was pulled back. She wrote, “34 years ago I made a commercial with Pepsi to celebrate the release of my song Like a Prayer. The commercial was immediately canceled when I refused to change any scenes in the video where I was kissing a black saint or burning crosses. So began my illustrious career as an artist refusing to compromise my artistic integrity.”

She added, “Thank you @pepsi for finally realizing the genius of our collaboration. Artists are here to disturb the peace.”

Check out Modonna’s tweet:

A fan wrote, “You showed a lot of us in the middle of nowhere what was possible for a girl. You changed our lives for the better. Thank you.”

Someone tweeted, “I absolutely idolized you… 34 years ago, I was 13 years old… and that song was everything. I played that entire record on repeat… well I played all of them on Vinyl, cassette and CD until they were worn out and I needed to replace them. I became a die hard fan the first time I heard the song “Everybody”, your first single, released in 1983. I had every record from that very first 12 inch LP. Every single record you have put out is ICONIC.”

Madonna, known as the “Queen Of Pop”, turned 65 this August.

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