Tuesday, November 28

“He’s making his own name”

Dominik Mysterio is one of the fastest rising stars in WWE today. His career began to take off last year at WWE Clash at the Castle, where Dominik left his father’s side and joined the nefarious team of Judgment Day. Since then, he has become one of WWE’s most despised heels.

RELATED: Becky Lynch Talks WWE Social Media Stars: “I Don’t Love It”The father and son will square off at Wrestlemania 39 in what is likely to be one of the most emotional matches on the show. Although Rey Mysterio is frustrated and disappointed with his son on television, he is actually incredibly proud of his son’s WWE career thus far.


Dominik Mysterio WWE Royal Rumble 2023

While speaking with WESH News, Rey Mysterio opened up about how proud he is of his Dominik for making it to WWE. Fightful has provided the following transcript:

Incredible. You can only imagine the pride I feel watching it on TV. I’m on SmackDown, he’s on Raw, so to be able to sit at home with my wife and watch his matches, listen to his promos, witness his growth over the last year and a half. [or] year since we broke up, once in a while, I look at my wife and go, ‘Wow, can you believe how much she’s grown and how well she’s getting?’ I hear it, I hear the hum. I see what is happening, so it makes me very proud of his work. It was very difficult for him to follow in my footsteps or be in my shadow because of what I have created for the last 34 years. So he’s beautiful, man. I am truly blessed to be able to see his growth and just enjoy watching it.

Rey Mysterio went on to talk about how much he enjoys watching Dominik on TV, no matter which iteration of his character Dom is playing.

I laughed out loud, a genuine laugh. I love how he’s shaping up to be her own man. He no longer clings to my name. He is creating his own name and his own legacy, and that is what we ultimately want our own children to do. But then again, I’ve been really enjoying the evolution of him into character, whether he’s Prison Dom or just the annoying son who wants to get his way every time.

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