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Highest Rated Wrestlers In The History Of The Series, Ranked

Whenever a wrestling video game is released fans enjoy seeing who the highest-rated character is as they often become the most popular choice to play as. This is particularly true throughout the WWE 2K series where the ratings tend to be carefully thought through and are based upon the year that the wrestler has just had.

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It is often the top stars who are given the biggest scores and it reflects who are among the very best at that time. Over the years since 2K was in charge of creating the games, there have been some very high scores dished out, showcasing who people need to go back and pick from.

10 Shawn Michaels – 95 (WWE 2K14)

Shawn Michaels WWE 2K14 Cropped

Shawn Michaels is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, therefore it is no surprise that he’s one of the highest-rated wrestlers in the history of this franchise. His big rating took place early on in WWE 2K14 as his legendary career was given a great score.

He is always fun to play as due to the in-ring style that he brings as he is technically fun while also able to deliver great high-flying moments. Of course, because of his career a lot of people want to choose him as well, therefore giving him a strong score is important.

9 Steve Austin – 95 (WWE 2K17)

Steve Austin WWE 2K17

When people think of professional wrestling, Steve Austin is one of the first names that comes to mind for many people, which is why he is always highly rated. Austin is one of the legends of the industry and someone who spent most of his career picking up victories in important matches.

That is why he always has a high rating as he’s someone that people always want to play as with his brawling style being a lot of fun from a gameplay perspective.

8 Bianca Belair – 95 (WWE 2K23)

Bianca Belair on WWE 2K23

It hasn’t taken Bianca Belair long to break into the business and become one of the top stars in the company, and that has led to an incredible rating in WWE 2K23. The EST of WWE instantly has one of the highest scores that the franchise has ever given out, showing just how impressive she is.

Belair has been pushed heavily on the main roster, putting together some amazing performances in big moments. From headling WrestleMania to dominating the title scene, Belair is quickly making a mark.

7 The Undertaker – 95 (WWE 2K23)

Undertaker WWE 2K23

The Undertaker has been in more video games than most wrestlers due to how long he was in the business, and that’s only going to continue as he will always feature as a legend. He spent his career in the main event scene and is someone who was rarely beaten, especially clean.

That is why he is always rated high, with the most recent game giving him his best score to date as a legend of the business. Whether he keeps up that score in the years to come remains to be seen, but this one is currently one of the best.

6 John Cena – 96 (WWE 2K15)

JOHN Cena WWE 2K15

John Cena has always been one of the highest-rated wrestlers in video game history because he is one of the most dominant in real life. Only Ric Flair can match him in terms of World Championships won, therefore it is hard for 2K to ever give Cena a low rating.

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WWE 2K15 was the best rating he has received to this point though, with an impressive 96 score. It helped to make him one of the strongest characters in the history of the game, living up to his moniker of ‘big match John.’

5 The Rock – 96 (WWE 2K23)

The Rock in WWE 2K23

The Rock is one of the biggest legends in wrestling history and that status alone helps him get huge scores whenever a video game is released. Of course, the fact he is a major celebrity and brings in eyes from outside the wrestling bubble also helps, which is why he gets a higher score than most.

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The Rock is someone that a lot of casual gamers would likely choose due to his fame, therefore giving him a great score makes sense. He was also one of the most dominant wrestlers during his own era, which is why he has earned this rating.

4 Becky Lynch – 96 (WWE 2K23)

Becky Lynch WWE 2K23

Becky Lynch is one of the greatest women’s wrestlers in the history of the company and she is someone who truly broke out and established herself as a real main event star. That is why she has one of the best ratings in the history of the 2K franchise with her 96 score.

The latest video game seriously increased the ratings for the women’s division generally, which is something that they deserve due to how they’re positioned on television. But, it was Lynch who came out on top of the pack, bringing in an incredible score.

3 Brock Lesnar – 97 (WWE 2K23)

Brock Lesnar WWE 2K23

Brock Lesnar is always one of the highest-rated characters in the 2K video games because throughout that period he has been one of the most dominant wrestlers on the roster. The Beast smashes his way through everybody in reality and that is something that is reflected in his rating.

Lesnar is always one of the strongest characters to play as and the explosiveness that he provides makes him a lot of fun to play as, which is why a lot of people choose him.

2 Roman Reigns – 99 (WWE 2K23)

roman reigns wearing the wwe title in 2k23
via WWE 2K

The newest version of 2K’s video game series brought one of the highest-rated characters in the history of the game. Of course, that was Roman Reigns who was given the incredible score of 99 which is something he more than deserved due to the fact he had dominated the industry for over a year heading into that.

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This version was the complete Tribal Chief character which has been one of the most dominant in modern wrestling history. Because of that, it is no surprise that he was given an almost perfect score.

1 AJ Styles Gold – 100 (WWE 2K19)

AJ Styles Gold edition Cropped

Ultimately, there is nothing that can top this rating as 2K decided to completely max things out with a rare version of AJ Styles for the WWE 2K19 video game. Styles was the cover star that year so to celebrate that a special gold version of the former WWE Champion was made playable.

He had a perfect 100 rating which made him truly tough to beat as he had no flaws. Of course, this was great for Styles fans who got to see a unique version of him, even if it was slightly unrealistic.

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