Saturday, December 9

Historian Accuses Gwinnett Community Services Director of Wanting Promised Land Slave Story Downplayed | News

Ruth Abram said Gwinnett County Director of Community Services Tina Fleming had a request during their only meeting to talk about The Promised Land in South Gwinnett.

Fleming didn’t want it called a plantation when talking about the part of his history where slaves worked on his land because “people here don’t like the term,” said Abram, who is a historian and descendant of the Promised Land founder. , Thomas Maguire. that the county contracted to compile the history of the property.

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kAm(:=D@? 2=D@ BF6DE:@?65 E96 A=2?D[ H9:49 4@F?EJ @77:4:2=D ?@H D2J H2D 2 AC6=:>:?2CJ A=2? 2?5 ?6G6C D6E 😕 DE@?6] w6 D2:5 C64C62E:?8 2 A=2?E2E:@? H@F=5 6C2D6 E96 =2DE 46?EFCJ[ H96? E96 {:GD6J’D @H?65 E96 =2?5 2?5 3642>6 2 AC@>:?6?E q=24< 72>:=J 😕 D@FE9 vH:??6EE[ 3J 7@4FD:?8 E96 6C2 @7 D=2G6CJ]k^am

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kAm“p 9@=:DE:4 A:4EFC6 H@F=5 2=D@ :?4=F56 9@H E96 6?D=2G65 A6@A=6 >256 2 DFAA@CE:G6 4 @>>F?:EJ 7@C E96>D6=G6D 2?5 6IAC6DD65 C6D:DE2?46 E@ E96:CD:EF2E:@?[” D96 D2:5]k^am

kAm“%96 AC6D6?E2E:@? H@F=5 5:D4FDD E96 DEC2E68:6D E96 {:GD6JD 6>A=@J65 E@ C:D6]xE H@F=5 :?4=F56 |28F:C6’D 8@@5 5665D 3642FD6 2?’D 2EE6?E:@? E@ 72>:=J 2?5 86?6C@D:EJ E@H2C5 9:D H9:E6 4@>>F?:EJ 96=AD FD F?56CDE2?5 E92E 2 A6CD@? 42? 9@=5 2?5 24E FA@? EH@ 4@?EC2CJ G:6HD 2E E96 D2>6 E:>6]”k^Am

kAmkDEC@?8m$@>6 H2?E p3C2> E@ C6EFC? 2?5 7:?:D9 H@C

kAm(:=D@? 2?5 @E96C #64C62E:@? pFE9@C:EJ >6>36CD D2:5 E96J H@F=5 =:<6 E@ D66 p3C2> 2?5 2 4@ F?EJ DE2776C H9@ 925 AC6G:@FD=J 366?H@C<:?8 @?E96 !C@>:D65 {2?5 !C@;64E C6EFC?E@ E96 AC@;64E]k^am

kAmp3C2> D2:5 E96C6 4@F=5 36 ?@ =:>:ED E92E H@F=5 AC6G6?E 96C 7C@> 5@:?8 2 E9@C@F89 ;@3 :7 D96 C6EFC ?Sixty-five[ 9@H6G6C]k^am

kAm“x 42??@EA:4EFC6 C6EFC?:?8 E@ E96 H@C< @7 :?E6CAC6E:?8 E96 !C@>:D65 {2?5 F?E:=[ 2?5 F?=6DD[ E96C6 😀 23D@=FE6=J ?@ C6DEC:4E:@? @? E6==:?8 E96 ECF6 DE@C:6D @7 E96 |28F:C6D 2?5 E96 {:GD6JD[” D96 D2:5]k^am

kAm“x 92G6 H@C<65 @? E96 :?E6CAC6E2E:@? @7 D:E6D 2== @G6C E96 H@C=5 — 2=H2JD H:E9 2? 6J6 E@ 96=A E96 DE277 E96C6 4@?G6J E96 C62= DE@CJ @7 H92E 92AA6?65 E96C6]x 5@ ?@E 36=:6G6 :? =64EFC:?8 E@E96 AF3=:4[ @?=J :? AC6D6?E:?8 724ED 2?5 :?G:E:?8 G:D:E@CD E@ 4@?D:56C E96 C6=2E:@?D9:A @7 E92E 9:DE@CJ E@ E96:C 4FCC6?E E96:C @H? =:G6D 2?5 E@ E96 =:76 @7 E96:C ?2E:@?]”k^Am

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