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Holly Holm Issues Ultimatum To Kayla Harrison For UFC 300


  • Holly Holm emphasizes the importance of professionalism and making weight in the upcoming fight against Kayla Harrison at UFC 300.
  • Holm expects fighters to prioritize making weight for the integrity of the sport and believes Harrison should focus on successfully cutting down to 135 pounds.
  • Despite not being able to envision herself making such a dramatic weight cut, Holm expresses confidence in Harrison’s ability to navigate the challenge.

Holly Holm is eagerly anticipating the arrival of Kayla Harrison to the bantamweight division but remains firm on the issue of her rival making weight. Leading up to their scheduled bout at UFC 300 on April 13, much of the discussion has centered around whether Harrison can successfully cut down to the 135-pound limit.

Harrison, a two-time PFL champion, achieved both of her tournament titles in the 155-pound division and has only weighed in at the 145-pound limit once.

Holm, who has experienced a mixed run in recent years, had a loss to Mayra Bueno Silva in July 2023, but it was later overturned after Bueno Silva tested positive for ritalinic acid.

Holm secured a victory against Yana Santos in March of the previous year and suffered a split decision loss to Ketlen Vieira in 2022. As the spotlight remains on the potential clash between Holm and Harrison, the focus continues to revolve around the weight-cutting challenge for Harrison in her move to the bantamweight division.


Kayla Harrison Joins UFC, to Debut Against Holly Holm at UFC 300 in Bantamweight Division

Kayla Harrison is set to make her UFC debut against Holly Holm at UFC 300.

Holly Holm Stands Clear On Kayla Harrison Making Weight For UFC 300

The Former UFC Champion Isn’t Open To A Catchweight Bout

Holly Holm, a former UFC bantamweight champion, has shared her thoughts on the potential weight-cutting challenges for her upcoming opponent, Kayla Harrison, who is making the move to the bantamweight division for their fight at UFC 300. Holm emphasized the importance of professionalism and making weight, stating that her stance is clear on the matter.

While acknowledging the potential impact of weight cutting on performance, Holm highlighted that being professional involves making the necessary sacrifices to meet the agreed-upon weight limit. She expressed confidence in Harrison’s ability to handle the weight cut professionally and emphasized that fighters should prioritize making weight for the integrity of the sport.

“I’m on the stance that you need to make weight, that’s just how it is. I think that her mind set should be on, ‘I’m going to make weight,’ because she took the fight at 135. So I think it’s simple.”

“You can look at it from a lot of different angles, but as a professional, find out how to make weight. I work hard to make my weight, so I expect the same.”

Holm drew parallels to other instances in the sport where fighters faced challenges in making weight and emphasized the need for professionals to find ways to meet their agreed-upon weight classes.

Despite her own achievements in various weight classes, including holding UFC gold at 135 pounds and competing for the featherweight title, Holm acknowledged that she couldn’t envision herself attempting such a dramatic cut. However, she expressed confidence in Harrison and her team’s ability to navigate the weight cut successfully.

In summary, Holm stressed the importance of professionalism, making weight, and expressed confidence in Harrison’s ability to handle the move to the bantamweight division.

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