Tuesday, November 28

Hollywood Writers’ Strike Ends As Writers Guild Accepts Proposed Three-Year Deal

The long-standing strike that had gripped Hollywood since May has officially concluded, paving the way for its members to return to work starting September 27. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) reached this pivotal decision following unanimous approval from the guild’s leadership.

The proposed three-year deal, which members will vote on until October 9, is estimated to be worth approximately $233 million per year and brings a host of significant benefits for film and television writers:

Pay Raises: Writers can anticipate pay raises over the duration of the contract.

Enhanced Benefits: The agreement includes increased contributions towards health and pension benefits.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Protections: The deal addresses the use of AI in the entertainment industry. Major studios, including Netflix, Walt Disney, and Warner Bros Discovery, have committed to biannual meetings with the guild to discuss AI’s role in film development and production. While studios are not explicitly prohibited from utilizing AI for content generation, writers maintain the right to pursue legal action if their work is used for AI training.

Choice of AI Usage: Writers now have the option to utilize AI when crafting scripts, but companies cannot enforce mandatory usage. Studios are required to inform writers if any AI-generated materials are incorporated into their projects.

Minimum Staffing Standards: The WGA successfully secured guarantees of minimum staffing in writers’ rooms, which will be determined based on the number of episodes per season.

Salary Increases: Minimum pay rates will experience an upward trajectory, increasing by more than 12% over the course of three years.

This breakthrough agreement signifies a significant step forward for Hollywood’s writers, providing them with better financial compensation, protection in the era of AI, and a more secure working environment. The proposal reflects the collaborative efforts of industry stakeholders, fostering a balanced approach to AI integration while preserving the creative rights of writers.

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