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House Of The Dragon Season 2 Will Have 8 Episodes!

The upcoming second season of HBO’s House of the Dragon will consist of eight episodes, two fewer than Season 1 of the Critics’ Choice Award-winning Game of Thrones prequel. It’s part of a long-term plan for the show that includes HBO considering giving it the green light for a third season, which has been confirmed.

It’s relatively common practice for HBO to not reveal the episode order in its Season 2 renewal announcement last summer. A source from the series confirmed to Deadline that Season 2 will contain 8 episodes, noting that the cut in the number of episodes was based on story.

It was reported that the House of the Dragon creative team planned to run the series for three to four seasons. Writer and executive producer George RR Martin took a step back from the build-up to Season 2 to give an overview of the series that follows Martin’s Fire and Blood and outlines the overall narrative flow, including how the stories break up. from one season to another and the battles that will be included.

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As part of this, word has been heard that Season 3 has been planned and could be greenlit, with HBO seriously considering committing to moving forward with the scripts, casting and production schedule, as the network is also trying to think ahead. long term. term instead of a season to season.

Since some of the storyline originally scheduled for season 2, including a major fight, has been pushed back to season 3, rumors have it that the show is now closer to season 4, but that hasn’t been finalized since Condal and Martin keep coming back. over and over again about the number of seasons (three or four) that would be optimal to tell the full story, the sources said. (Deadline)

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“I’m so excited that we still get 10 hours each season to tell our story,” Martin said of House of the Dragon. “I hope it stays that way. It will run for four full seasons of 10 episodes each to do A Dance with Dragons justice from start to finish.” (Deadline)

Set 172 years before the events of Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon tells the story of House Targaryen that led to a huge ratings surge for the series premiere on August 21, followed a few days later by the renewal of the second season.

House Of The Dragon Season 2 To Have 8 Episodes; Season 3 Gets A Greenlight

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