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Hulk Hogan Hints He Might Compete In This Year’s Royal Rumble

Hulk Hogan was the narrator of a promotional video for the Royal Rumble on Monday night Raw and teased that he might be in the match.


  • Hulk Hogan hints at possible appearance in Royal Rumble, but reactions on social media are mostly negative.
  • WWE is likely teasing Hogan’s appearance for fun, but his inclusion in the match is a long shot due to physical limitations.
  • WWE must consider backlash from fans before making Hogan’s appearance a reality and taking spots away from more deserving performers.

While the odds seem extremely low, Hulk Hogan has hinted that he might make an appearance in this year’s Royal Rumble match. During a promo for the premium live event that takes place this Saturday, Hogan narrated a rundown of the history of the event and noted that one of the widlcards of the show is that anyone could show up. He then said, “You never know … I might have one left in me.”


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The idea of Hogan returning for the Royal Rumble is a huge idea. It’s one of those matches that wouldn’t necessarily require he get that physical. He could make brief cameo and as long as he can get over the top rope, there’s technically a chance he could be included. At the same time, one has to wonder if this would be too gimmicky a move for WWE right now, especially considering the depth on their current roster.

The reactions on social media underneath the WWE’s post of the video quoting Hogan were almost universally that of rejecting the idea. Many said Hogan’s time is gone and this just wouldn’t be entertaining. Others commented simply, ‘We don’t want to see this.’ At the same time, Hogan is one of the biggest names in the history of the industry and there will always be a huge portion of the audience that remembers him fondly from the Golden Years of WWE/WWF. If he were to show up, it would be to a huge pop.

Hogan’s Appearance Is More A WWE Tease Than Anything

WWE is likely having fun teasing the idea that Hogan might show up. In reality, he might actually make it to the event. That said, his inclusion in the match itself would be a long shot. The physical limits to what Hogan can do if in the ring make this a stretch. Can he take a bump? Can he get over the top rope? How would WWE book his involvement in the match without backlash from fans who think the open spots should be reserved for more deserving performers who aren’t years past their expiry date? Those are all questions WWE would have to weigh before turning this tease into an actual reality.

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