Wednesday, November 29

“I might as well go back to Japan”

Asuka posted on social media that she could return home if WWE fires her.

WWE superstar Asuka took to social media after losing at WrestleMania 39, saying, “I might as well go back to Japan.” While several fans took this to mean Asuka was suggesting she wasn’t happy with the decision to book her to lose her fifth major match at the event, there’s a strong possibility Asuka is upsetting fans who are hopping all over WWE over her “unfair treatment” towards her.

The original quote that prompted a response from Asuka came when a fan wrote on Twitter: “Asuka leaves WrestleMania 39 losing again… now she is 0-5 at WrestleMania, WWE continues to make her lose her biggest match and elevate her character just to push her.” back card. She deserves better, maybe a return to Japan.” This prompted Asuka to write: “she might as well go back to Japan… But I bet a lot of you my friends will miss me when I leave WWE? Now I need the power of his anger. Let’s bring chaos to boring Women’s Division with me. Let’s bring chaos to the Women’s Division, let’s bring chaos to WWE!”


On the surface, the tweet sounds like Asuka is upset that she lost, but it also sounds like she’s offering a sarcastic response to the fan simply because losing on the biggest stage multiple times doesn’t equate to her not being happy or feeling like though. WWE is giving him the axis.

Is this all in character?

There’s a good chance here that Asuka is trying to muster some steam for a storyline where she returns after WrestleMania and causes chaos in the Women’s Division. It would fit her character if she started targeting everyone and taking no prisoners.

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