Tuesday, November 28

India Is Biggest Consumer Of Korean Content, Reveals Korean Minister

Lately K-pop and K-dramas have been very popular within India. A large amount of fandom and viewership of K-pop groups and K-dramas constitutes of the Indian the audience. Following the same, Korea’s Ministry of culture, sports and tourism recently organized a conference in New Delhi during which they highlighted the fact that India is currently the biggest consumer of Korean content.

India Is Biggest Consumer Of Korean Content

On Friday, the Korean ministry of Culture, sports and Tourism held a “K-culture conference” in New Delhi. During the event, the ministry highlighted the growing popularity of the Korean group BTS and the Korean language among the students in India.

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As per an ANI, Yi Byung Chae who is the Deputy Minister of the Korean Culture, Sports and Tourism underlined the strengthening bilateral relationships between the two countries which is due to the K-culture. He further mentioned that India had become the highest consumer of Korean content such as that the popular Netflix series “Squid Game” and popular Korean boy band, BTS which has the highest number of Indian followers and viewers.

The Korean minister further revealed that more students in India are now learning the Korean language to get closer to the culture and that the Korean language was officially selected as a foreign language for Indian students in 2020 which will now enhance the relationship between the future generations of the two countries.

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Talking about the ties between the two countries, Korean deputy minister further emphasized the fact that Buddhism was bought into Korea from India which left a huge impact on lifestyle and mindsets of the Koreans.

Meanwhile, it is indeed a fact that India is a major contributor to the viewership of Korean content. In recent years, Korean dramas and Korean music bands like BTS, and Blackpink, among others have gathered a huge fanbase and viewership from India and are still growing.

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