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Internal WWE Reaction To Vince McMahon Lawsuit Revealed, Ari Emanuel Willing To “Eradicate” Anyone Necessary


  • WWE staff are relieved and even happy about Vince McMahon’s resignation, feeling that he got what he deserved based on the allegations in the lawsuit.
  • McMahon’s last meeting with WWE employees was on January 23rd, where Triple H joked about McMahon watching everything from the gorilla position.
  • Ari Emanuel, the owner of Endeavor and now in control of WWE, is determined to protect his businesses and will remove anything or anyone that could potentially harm WWE’s business going forward.

Though WWE just ran a successful Royal Rumble PLE, all anyone could talk about in the lead up to it was the latest lawsuit against Vince McMahon, one so disgusting and shocking that it forced McMahon to resign from WWE and TKO. The man who turned WWE into a global juggernaut is now completely out, but how are those behind the scenes taking it?

Triple H might not have wanted to discuss it at the post Royal Rumble press conference, but it’s what WWE staff are talking about. Mike Johnson of PWInsider reported that many were relieved or even happy. Johnson wrote:

“There were some who felt that McMahon got what was coming to him based on the allegations in the lawsuit filing by Grant. There were also some who were glad McMahon was now distanced “officially” from the company, as he was, as one source commented, “a black cloud hanging over everything even though he wasn’t involved in anything” anymore.”

PWInsider reported that what looks to be McMahon’s last time ever at WWE was a January 23 TKO meeting where Nick Khan, Triple H, and The Rock spoke to WWE employees. During this meeting, Triple H joked about Vince being in the gorilla position watching everything.

This morning, TKO submitted a filing to the SEC confirming McMahon’s departure as TKO’s Executive Chair and member of the Board.


Vince McMahon’s History Of Sexual Allegations, Explained

Vince McMahon is in trouble again after more sexual allegations came out from a former WWE employee. Sadly, it isn’t the first time.

How Is Ari Emanuel Responding To The Vince McMahon Allegations?


Ari Emanuel was front and center with Vince McMahon last year when it was announced that Endeavor was buying WWE. The company has changed with Emanuel in control though. PWInsider said it has changed both from a cultural and corporate perspective. Under Emanuel, no one in Vince McMahon’s inner circle will be protected. Endeavor wants WWE to have a fresh start. Many loyal McMahon employees quit when Vince retired, only to return when he did. That’s going to be a major negative for them now going forward. One source told PWInsider:

“If anyone believes for a second” that Endeavor owner Ari Emanuel wanted to discover the type of allegations brought forth in the Janel Grant lawsuit, not just about a company he purchased – but a company that has been employing his own daughter at WWE HQ for several years – they “don’t know Emanuel” and they don’t understand how “ferociously he will eradicate” anything that needs to be taken care of to protect his businesses. The same source noted that if Emanuel was willing to walk away from Saudi Arabia investments years ago without “blinking an eye”, he’ll have no problem “removing anything and anyone still remaining” that could potentially hurt or impact WWE’s business going forward.”

WWE, from a business standpoint, is doing their best business ever, even better than the Attitude Era. Creatively, the company is on a winning streak as well. Ari Emanuel and WWE employees are ready to put Vince McMahon and his associates in the past forever.

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