Wednesday, November 29

Is Jennie the leader of BLACKPINK? Here is the truth!

Bold, stylish, glamorous and super talented, this is Blackpink, the Korean pop girl group that everyone is obsessed with. The group does not have a leader, which is quite unusual compared to the rest of the K-pop group. Rumors used to say that Jennie is the leader of Blackpink. But no, Blackpink has no leader. The reason for this is that everyone stands out as a leader in different situations.

Blackpink has no leader because their company wants them to grow and support each other without having any leader. Jennie was the first member of Blackpink and she is always seen taking care of the important things like the leaders do. That’s why netizens sometimes regard Jennie as their “leader”. And it is never necessary for the unnie of the group to always be the leader. So, the company always chooses the most experienced and responsible person to run the group’s things, like Jisoo, who is the group’s mom and takes care of the members; Jennie, who is the responsible member of the group, always takes care of the group’s work and the important things related to the group of hers.

Lisa also explained the same thing. Blackpink members once appeared on a popular South Korean variety show called Knowing Brother to promote their album, Blackpink The Album.

When the host of the show asked who the leader of the group is, Lisa reacted and said that the group doesn’t have a leader and everyone plays an important role in keeping the group together. She further explained that everyone in the group is good at something, so everyone takes responsibility for different things.

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