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Jessica Alba Opens Up About Starting Therapy With 15-Year-Old Daughter Honor: ‘I Didn’t Want Us To Keep Fighting’

Jessica Alba, renowned for her roles in “Honey” and “Fantastic Four,” recently shared an intimate insight into her decision to seek therapy with her eldest daughter, Honor. The actress and entrepreneur, now 42, opened up about a turning point in their relationship, recalling moments when fight and disagreements seemed to dominate their interactions.

Alba disclosed that the decision to initiate therapy sessions with Honor, who is now 15, stemmed from a period when tensions peaked between them, starting when her daughter was around 11 years old. In an interview with Real Simple, she revealed, “We were arguing all the time about dumb stuff … I was like, ‘I don’t want to live like this. I didn’t want us to have a wedge between us.’”

Acknowledging her imperfections in parenting, Alba emphasized the need for a neutral party who could bridge the communication gap between her and Honor. She explained, “As her mother, when I say something, she’s going to hear it as an argument or as me trying to control her. I wanted there to be someone who could explain things in a way I couldn’t.”

The Honest Company founder expressed her commitment to improving as a parent by creating a safe space for Honor to voice her frustrations. She described the therapeutic process as transformative, admitting, “It put me in check. Like, ‘Yeah, I totally do that. And I’m sorry. I’m going to work on that.’”

The impact of therapy extended beyond their relationship dynamic, leading Alba to realize that her daughter gained valuable perspective. “It gave her a little bit of perspective too – that I’m not the bad guy; I’m just being a parent. She’ll come out the other side of it, and I’ll still be here. I just wanted to get to that point, and it worked,” she shared.

Alba, who also has daughters Haven, 12, and son Hayes, 6, with husband Cash Warren, further revealed that while initially engaging in joint therapy sessions, they eventually transitioned to individual counseling. She highlighted the importance of this evolution, indicating that her daughters had grown older and were ready for a more individualized approach to therapy.

The actress initially discussed her family’s counseling journey in 2019, shedding light on her approach to parenting and her dedication to fostering healthier communication within her family. Reflecting on traditional family dynamics, she humorously mentioned, “Some people think, like in my family, you talk to a priest and that’s it.”

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