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Jey Uso Calls For AEW Tag Teams To Join WWE, Gets Response From The Gunns


  • Jey Uso considers the Usos one of the greatest tag teams ever, but acknowledges missed opportunities to have dream matches with other notable teams like FTR and the Hardys.
  • He challenges these teams to come to WWE if they want to face the best, highlighting the Usos’ superiority in every aspect from mic skills to fashion sense.
  • While it’s unlikely that we will see WWE vs. AEW dream matches due to loyalty and contractual agreements, the Gunns, who have ties to WWE through their father, could potentially be an interesting addition in the future.

Jey Uso might currently be enjoying a singles run on WWE Monday Night Raw, as he heads into Survivor Series: War Games as part of Cody Rhodes’ team against the Judgment Day and Drew McIntyre, but Jey will always be best known for his work with his twin brother, Jimmy Uso, as part of the Usos. Having been with WWE since 2009, the Usos have won tag team gold eight times, and are arguably the greatest tag team of all-time, but that pesky forbidden door has stopped them from facing some other very formidable tag teams.

In an interview with The Ringer, Jey talked about the Usos being among the best ever, but he’s also keeping a list of other great teams, including a few in AEW. Jey said of FTR, who were known as the Revival during their WWE days, “FTR is top tier.” He said WWE missed the boat with a feud between the Usos and the Hardys on SmackDown. Jey Uso then went further, saying, “If you all want these dream matches, you all going to have to bring your ass to WWE, dog, to the top tier. You all going to have to come. Where we at ain’t dropping down. Young Bucks, everybody, like, bring it, dog. Run it. We the ones for a reason, and I mean that. I stand on that, bro. We the best tag team in the world. And if you want to get detailed with it, I’m talking about on the microphone, the way we dress, the way the gear look, the way we carry ourselves, the swag, the ink, everything. The hair, the grills, the earrings, the chain. All that’s real, Uce. All that is real.”

The interview got the attention of one half of The Gunns, Austin Gunn, who along with his brother Colten Gunn, are the former AEW Tag Team Champions. Austin took to Twitter to tweet out, “let’s run it then.”

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Will We Ever Get WWE Vs AEW Tag Team Dream Matches?


Though it would be great to see teams like the Usos or the New Day versus some of AEW’s best, many of those dream matches will probably never happen. With FTR re-signing with AEW this year, it’s doubtful they’ll ever be back in WWE. The Young Bucks would have been fun in WWE, but they too made headlines this year by deciding to stay with the company they helped create.

The Gunns could be an interesting idea one day. Both Austin and Colten are relatively young, and they are very familiar with WWE, seeing as how their father, Billy Gunn, spent most of his career with the promotion, and even became a WWE Hall of Famer thanks to his run with DX. Perhaps they could be persuaded to join WWE one day. With Endeavor and Triple H now in charge, maybe the forbidden door Vince McMahon kept closed could be opened someday too, but don’t count on it.

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