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Jey Uso’s “Yeet” Catchphrase and Merchandise Make Surprise Comeback in WWE


  • Jey Uso’s iconic catchphrase “Yeet” has made a triumphant return, with fans chanting it and WWE promoting it on merchandise.
  • WWE resolved trademark issues surrounding “Yeet” to continue using and merchandising the phrase.
  • The comeback of “Yeet” gives WWE another way to push Jey Uso and engage the crowd during his performances.

WWE’s Jey Uso has made a triumphant return with his iconic “Yeet” catchphrase on Monday night. Walking down to the ring and getting the fans to chant it with him, he started the show by saying,”I got YEET back!”

He’ll be able to use the phrase and WWE will continue to promote it on merchandise related to the WWE Superstar, which is great news for both parties. Last week, it was reported that WWE faced complications with the trademark for Jey Uso’s “Yeet,” leading to the removal of related merchandise and a halt to the use of the catchphrase. Images of the shirt were blurred out in videos and he stopped himself from saying it on a recent visit to The Bump. However, on Monday, Jey Uso made a surprise entrance wearing a “Yeet” shirt and encouraged the crowd to chant “Yeet” if they wanted CM Punk on Raw.

This unexpected return of the catchphrase was accompanied by the re-release of merchandise featuring “Yeet,” including shirts, hoodies, and other items, which had been previously pulled from online platforms.

The details surrounding how WWE resolved the trademark issues remain undisclosed. It is speculated that WWE might have negotiated with the previous trademark owner or engaged in legal proceedings to find a resolution, allowing the company to continue using and merchandising the word “Yeet.” Earlier reports indicated that WWE faced trademark conflicts as independent wrestler Kasey Huffman had secured the rights to “Yeet” in 2021. Fans joked on social media that WWE might be paying him of visit or that the Brinks truck might roll up to clear up any financial concerns. It could also be that legally, it’s hard to trademark a single word, especially one that is in the dictionary.


Jey Uso’s “Yeet” Will No Longer Be Used Due to Legal Issues

Jey Uso lost the ability to use the term “Yeet” due to legal issues that WWE couldn’t overcome. He’ll have to find another phrase to use.

This suggests that WWE successfully navigated the trademark challenges, ensuring that Jey Uso can continue to use his beloved catchphrase.

This Is Huge For Jey

Sometimes, in WWE, all it takes is one word to absolutey get someone over. LA Knight uses, “Yeah!”, while Daniel Bryan went all the way to the main event of WrestleMania and won the championship on the back of the word “Yes!” Stone Cold Steve Austin has, “What!?” and there are others.

The surprising comeback of “Yeet” only gives the company another way to push Uso as the crowd loves to say it when he’s in the ring and throwing punches.

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