Friday, April 19

Jimmy Uso Shows Up On Raw And Costs Jey and Cody Rhodes The WWE Tag Team Championships


  • The return of the WWE Tag Team Championships to Judgment Day is due to the interference of Jimmy Uso, leading to their second reign as champions.
  • The chaotic match saw Dominik Mysterio, Sami Zayn, and Jey Uso getting involved, but it was Jimmy’s surprise attack that turned the tide.
  • This title change showcases the power and influence of Roman Reigns, hinting at a future feud between him and Cody after dealing with LA Knight.

WWE Raw’s season premiere episode witnessed the return of the WWE Tag Team Championships to Judgment Day, as Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso faced off against the formidable duo of Finn Balor and Damian Priest in the main event. The match, filled with electrifying action, took an unexpected twist when Jimmy Uso, following through on his promise to Roman Reigns, intervened in the bout, ultimately leading to Judgement Day’s victory and their second reign as tag team champions.

The chaos began with Dominik Mysterio at ringside, a lingering presence throughout the match until Sami Zayn stormed the scene to eliminate him and even up the numbers. However, the real game-changer was Jimmy, who emerged out of nowhere, striking Jey Uso with a devastating superkick while Jey was trying to finish off the challengers. This unexpected interference opened the door for Finn Balor to seize the opportunity, delivering his trademark Coup de Grace to secure the pinfall and the coveted titles.

Before the final pin, Balor kicked out of the modified 1-D move, which no one had done up to that point. This probably should have been the signal for most fans that a change was afoot. Damian Priest sent Cody Rhodes through the announce table with a razor-sharp Razor’s Edge. And Sami Zayn — who had an earlier heart-to-heart with Jey about Kevin Owens being off the show — attempted to balance the odds by intervening and taking out Dominik Mysterio. He found himself on the receiving end, colliding with the ring post. It will be interesting to see if his relationship is strained with Jey as a result of the outcome.

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This title change has Judgement Day, once again, ruling Raw. It also seems to prove that Roman Reigns still runs both brands. He clearly orchestrated this intricate chess move to get the titles off of Jey, and by associated Cody. Not only does this show he can change the outcome of the title scene, but it also sets up a future feud with Cody once he finishes dealing with LA Knight.

Jimmy Uso Brings the Season Premiere To A Shocking Conclusion

The unexpected interference by Jimmy Uso, brings an end to a short, but entertaining run for Cody and Jey as tag team champions. The fans were really into the relationship between The American Nightmare and The Main Event, so it’s surprising to see WWE pull the plug on the title run so quickly.

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