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John Cena Is Working On His WWE Exit Strategy

At the age of 46, John Cena knows his time is almost up in WWE. How soon until the leader of the Cenation has his last match?


  • John Cena made a surprise return to WWE in 2023 due to the actor’s strike, entertaining fans with matches and promos.
  • Cena hinted multiple times that the end of his wrestling career is approaching, and he is currently working on an exit strategy.
  • Despite retiring from in-ring competition, Cena expressed a desire to remain involved with WWE as a mentor and contribute his wisdom to the company’s future.

Thanks to the actor’s strike, 2023 gave WWE fans the unexpected and fun return of John Cena for a few months late in the year. He had a few matches, including a win with LA Knight against The Bloodline at Fastlane, before losing to Solo Sikoa at Crown Jewel. Cena was as entertaining as always, but more than once, in promos, he hinted that the end of his career was coming soon. In an interview with People, Cena confessed that he is working on how to end his wrestling career. He said:

“You know, I’m trying to figure out when to close that chapter. I wouldn’t be who I am — professionally or personally — without the WWE, and I promised myself that I would never simply just be there for my own sake. Every time I perform, I want to give my all to the audience. And I’ve got to admit when I hit the 45 mark, I had to begin to try to form an exit strategy and I’m trying to work on that currently.

“I just want to do what’s best for the company. If it’s a big final match or if it’s just a final match, or however I can be integrated into the product to let everyone know that this chapter is over, I’m willing to listen to what WWE has to say.”

Though he sees his wrestling career ending soon, Cena said he won’t leave WWE behind, telling People, “I do have almost two and a half decades of wisdom built up where I think I can offer a mentor perspective for sure. So, if I am not integrated with the WWE family moving forward and in perpetuity, then I think it’s a waste for everyone involved.”


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Who Should John Cena’s Last WWE Opponent Be?

John Cena vs Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels vs Edge Backlash 2007

If John Cena’s last match is coming soon, a WrestleMania bout is the only way to do it, whether it be this year or some time in the near future. So how should Cena’s career come to an end? He could always put over a newer star, but the best way to go out is against one of his rivals. Without a doubt, Cena’s biggest feuds were with Edge and Randy Orton. Edge is now in AEW, so that leaves Orton, who just came back to WWE. Yesterday, Orton told WWE’s The Bump:

“A dream match for me would be to somehow find myself in a situation where I’m fighting Cena at WrestleMania for the title. I don’t know how you get there, I’m not saying it’s gonna happen. But I have never wrestled John at WrestleMania in a singles match. We had some wars back in the day, so being able to revisit that after all this, I think it’s not only something that I would want, I think the fans would eat it up too.” (h/t Fightful)

Maybe it’s not for a title, but John Cena vs Randy Orton in their first ever WrestleMania singles match together is the perfect way for the Cenation leader to say goodbye.

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