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John Cena rates Roman Reigns as the greatest of all time

John Cena has been in the headlines this week, and not necessarily for the right reasons. The wrestler-turned-movie star was asked about the sexual misconduct allegations against Vince McMahon, and he responded that he still loves the WWE Chairman, regardless of the mistakes he’s made. However, buried in those comments was another surprising comment about Roman Reigns.

The best of all time

Cena and Reigns have faced off multiple times. You can even make a strong case that Cena had a big role in making Reigns the new face of the company. However, the 16-time world champion not only believes that The Tribal Chief has now surpassed him on the greatest chart of all time, he seems to think that Reigns has surpassed absolutely everyone.

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“When I’m there as a performer, it’s the Roman Reigns show. In my mind, he needs to be in the conversation, and in my mind, he’s the greatest of all time,” Cena told The Associated Press, attempting to steer the conversation away from McMahon. The Peacemaker star was trying to explain that everything that happens with the boss is above his salary.

John Cena looking at the camera

The case of Roman Reigns

There’s no question that Reigns has picked up the ball Cena dropped and has run with it since the latter moved to a part-time schedule. 900+ days as champion, 1,200+ days since he was last pinned when competing at WrestleMania, and has technically been world champion for more days than Cena. That’s despite only having six reigns with one or both of the biggest belts compared to Cena’s 16.

Referring to Reigns as the best at doing it, however, is sure to spark debate among fans. That’s probably what Cena intended, and he’s also being a company man even though he’s no longer a full-time WWE Superstar. The same applies to his comments about McMahon. He praises the president, he praises the current WWE Champion and move on, especially with a big match at WrestleMania just weeks away.

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