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John Cena’s Best Wrestling Looks

John Cena is one of the biggest WWE Superstars of all time, and the attention has often been on him whenever he appears. That is why there’s always a lot of interest in what he wears when it comes to his matches, even though Cena hasn’t had as much variety in his clothing when it comes to others.


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His jorts became iconic over the years, and he certainly did enough to stand out with the style he decided to create for himself. There have been some very memorable looks throughout his career, particularly regarding some of his bigger moments.

Standing Up To Cancer

John Cena Embraced The Pink

John Cena pink shirt Cropped (1)

  • He also had a black and pink shirt at this time
  • These looks took place in October 2012/2013

WWE had a collaboration with Susan G. Komen for a while, and while that charity ended up being involved in controversy, the idea behind WWE’s partnership was right. The company was raising awareness for breast cancer, and that led to a lot of wrestlers embracing pink when it came to their gear.

It was something completely different for John Cena, and it was a look that suited him well. This was a great look for Cena due to the message it sent, plus it wasn’t as in-your-face as some of the other colors he chose.

His Original Shorts Look Pushed His Physique

There Wasn’t Much Detail In His Gear, But He Looked Great

John Cena Debut

  • He made his SmackDown debut against Kurt Angle
  • Cena continued wearing traditional gear until he became the Dr. Thuganomics

Sometimes when it comes to professional wrestling it isn’t a bad thing to place all of the focus on physique, particularly if you have a great one. That has always been the case with John Cena who has consistently been jacked throughout his entire career.


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While fans have always been able to see that it was never clearer than during his early days in WWE. He would only wear trunks at this point in a more traditional sense, and that was a look that did work for him.

Pushing The Focus To Red

It Was Bold And In Your Face

John Cena in red

  • Cena also had a bright yellow design
  • He wore this as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion

John Cena has always gone for big, bold, and bright color schemes and the majority of them didn’t really work when it came to creating nice merchandise that would look good. However, his red designs were an exception to the rule as these did look vibrant.

The fact he’d often pair these with beige-colored shorts meant he switched things up away from the jean design which was never a bad thing either.

A Hat Tip To The AWA

This Was A Look Back To The Past

John Cena AWA shirt

  • All of the ‘fake’ John Cena’s wore this during his WrestleMania 25 entrance
  • The AWA ran from 1960 – 1991

Another of John Cena’s best looks was this shirt that had a nod to the AWA with its design. For old-school wrestling fans that is something that people will have appreciated and understood, and for those not clued it was simply just a great look for him.

The style was sleek and suited him well. Matching up the baseball cap and his sweatbands with his shirt worked well, with the black, blue, red, and white all creating a strong look for him.

Hustle, Loyalty, & Respect

This Was His Classic Royal Rumble Return Look

John Cena Royal Rumble Return WWE 2008

  • John Cena won the 2008 Royal Rumble
  • The words used on the shirt were his catchphrase

John Cena’s surprise return at the 2008 Royal Rumble is one of the greatest moments in wrestling history, and while the reaction and the situation itself was amazing, it also brought one of his best looks. Coming out with the chain link shirt design that had his catchphrase on was a great decision.

The black and orange color scheme was fresh and worked well, particularly with the matching hat and wristbands. Of course, he rocked the classic jorts to go along with it, but the overall look was a strong one.

Joining The nWo

This Was A One-Off Moment That Fans Didn’t See Coming

  • He wore this look in the Firefly Funhouse Match
  • Cena was never officially a nWo member

John Cena is someone that people have always wanted to see as a heel, but WWE never pulled the trigger on it. However, people got a fun teaser of what that might look like during the Firefly Funhouse match between him and Bray Wyatt as he turned up dressed in full nWo gear.


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It ended up being a major surprise, simply because it was so jarring to what people normally expect from him. Seeing him in darker colors wasn’t expected, but it was a look that Cena certainly rocked.

The Champ Is Here

Cena Was Always At The Top Of The WWE Mountain, And This Shirt Served As A Reminder

John Cena in The Champ Is Here shirt Cropped

Sometimes a big bold design can fall flat, but when it came to this particular shirt that wasn’t the case. It was John Cena planting his flag and letting everyone know he was the World Champion, and it’s the type of shirt that can only be worn with confidence.

That’s what Cena had at the time which helped to bring the overall look together as he believed in himself. It was a unique shirt that was different from the rest of his designs which made this feel special.

His Modern Look Is Sleek

Cena Has Gone With A Darker Shirt Design

  • Cena debuted this look at Money In The Bank, 2023
  • Cena brought elements of black and blue to this outfit

John Cena’s most recent appearances have seen a fresh look for him because of a variety of reasons. He returned with a slightly leaner physique and longer hair due to the movie roles he was involved in, and all of that helped him to gain a slightly new sparkle in the eyes of the fans.

His t-shirt design was fantastic, bringing darker colors has always suited him and it was far less in your face than some of his other shirts which is why it proved to be so popular.

His Dr. Thuganomics Look Was A Hit

The Rapper Gimmick Is What Helped Him Initially Get Over

  • The character came about after Stephanie McMahon saw him rapping backstage
  • Cena brought out a legitimate rap album at this point

Wrestling fans know what to expect when it comes to John Cena, it’s a pair of jorts and sneakers, and that is the look that he has stuck with throughout the bulk of his career. However, before taking on that style he worked his Dr. Thuganomics gimmick which saw him have a vastly different style.


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He would wear basketball jerseys and big chains which helped to round out the entire look, with Cena ensuring that he stood out and that his appearance felt cool to match the gimmick.

Bringing In The Neon

This Was A Sleek Design

John Cena neon shirt Cropped (1)

Out of all of John Cena’s looks, his strongest ended up being his neon shirt designs. Green and black are two colors that Cena often relied upon, and that’s with good reason because they suit him well, and having a neon element brought something different.

The shirt designs felt fresh and they certainly popped when he was in the ring. But they did so without being ugly, as these shirts were sleek and stylish, which helped to create a great look for Cena.

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