Thursday, February 22

Jojo Offerman Reveals She And Bray Wyatt Were Supposed To Get Married This Week

Sadly, there has been no shortage of moments throughout wrestling history that have left fans and the industry shaken. Performers pass away far too young and often unexpectedly. Triple H broke the news of one of the worst examples of that in recent history in August of this year, revealing on social media that Bray Wyatt had passed away at the age of just 36. One of those moments where you likely remember exactly where you were when you found out, and you had to read the post multiple times to make sure you hadn’t misunderstood.

Jojo And Bray’s Wedding Day

Odds are there are a lot of you out there still struggling to come to terms with the passing of Wyatt, so just imagine how his family is feeling. Particularly his fiancee Jojo Offerman and his four young children, two Wyatt had with Offerman and two from a previous marriage. Wyatt and Offerman got engaged in 2022, and the former WWE ring announcer revealed on Instagram that the pair were supposed to get married this week.

Tomorrow would have been our wedding. I’m every bit broken and lost without you Windhman. The kids and I really miss you. We wish you were here. I love you forever.


WWE Rumored To Be Dedicating 2K24 To The Career Of Bray Wyatt

Perhaps we might see a cover and career mode dedicated to the late WWE Superstar via next year’s game.

Offerman shared via her Instagram Story on Wednesday that she and Wyatt were supposed to get married on Thursday, December 7. An already heartbreaking situation made exponentially worse by what the two of them and their family should have been preparing for this week. Instead, it’s a bigger reminder than ever that Wyatt isn’t with us anymore. As has been the case since news of Wyatt’s passing broke, our thoughts go out to Offerman at this time.


Wyatt’s WWE Absence And Passing

Wyatt had been missing from WWE TV for six months before his passing, suffering from a heart issue that was exacerbated by contracting COVID-19. However, as recently as two weeks before he died, there was a belief Wyatt was preparing for a return to the ring. Sadly that never happened, and Wyatt passed away while taking a nap, the defibrillator doctors recommended he keep with him at all times left in the car.

WWE continues to honor Wyatt, releasing a new line of legacy merch last month, the revenue from which will presumably go straight to Offerman and Wyatt’s family. As for what fans would like to see, there’s a hope that Bo Dallas will return to WWE – potentially under the Uncle Howdy mask – to continue the Wyatt legacy. I’m also hopeful Wyatt gets a Hall of Fame induction in 2024.

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