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Jon Jones Criticizes Sean Strickland’s ‘Dumb’ Statement To Navy SEAL


  • Former Navy SEAL Jimmy Watson challenged MMA fighter Sean Strickland, highlighting the intensity of SEAL training.
  • Jon Jones and Chris Weidman criticized Strickland’s callout, emphasizing respect for the sacrifices of military members.
  • Strickland’s controversial statements stirred debate on the role of the military in protecting freedom and the importance of history.

Several UFC fighters, including Jon Jones, responded to a Navy SEAL’s reply to former middleweight champion Sean Strickland’s callout.

Strickland had thrown down an open challenge to Navy SEALs, inviting them to train with him and endure his demanding regimen for a week, boldly asserting that none of them would be able to “survive” it. He confidently claimed that any Navy SEAL who accepted the challenge would “break” within the span of a week.

In response to Strickland’s challenge, former Navy SEAL Jimmy Watson took to his Instagram account. He countered by highlighting the stark contrast between their experiences, pointing out that he and his fellow SEALs had faced life-and-death situations, involving combat and fatalities, as opposed to the relatively controlled environment of a prizefighting ring.


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Chris Weidman Was Also Unimpressed

Watson took to his Instagram to respond to Strickland’s callout by claiming that being a SEAL is not comparison to being an MMA fighter.

“Sean, we get it. You’re a badass bro. Your training partners get millions of dollars and they actually live. My swim buddies, they die every single year. We’ve already proven that any kind of beatdown will not break us. But our training will simply just end your career, Sean. I’m talking about skin grafts on the thighs Sean. You talk about taking people’s souls from their body. Well, me and my boys we’ve actually taken a lot of real souls from people, you know what i’m saying. My best advice for you Sean is to stay in the octagon, keep fighting for that next purse and us SEALs, we’ll keep fighting for your freedom.”

Jon Jones responded in the comments, writing the follwoing: “I’m actually embarrassed to be an MMA fighter right now, what a dumb thing for Sean to say.🤦🏾‍♂️”

Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman added, “We are No competition to you guys at all. Much respect for all that you guys do. We support you guys completely! Strickland shouldn’t be talking like that. 🙏🙏🙏👊👊👊.”

The comment section had a mixed reaction, with many criticizing both Strickland and Watson.


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The Former Middleweight Champion Denies They Protect His Freedom

Sean Strickland stirred controversy by stating that he had upset a Navy SEAL, who emphasized their role in protecting freedom. While expressing support for the military, Strickland revealed his skepticism towards government.

He urged a reconsideration of the notion that the military solely safeguards freedom, advocating for a deeper examination of federal government history, referencing figures like Snowden and emphasizing the importance of understanding constitutional principles. Strickland concluded by suggesting that external threats were not the primary concern for the preservation of liberties.

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