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Justin Bieber Commissions A Piece Of Text Art As A Gift For Wife, Hailey

Justin Bieber Commissions A Piece Of Text

Justin Bieber spent $5,000 on a bespoke piece of art that immortalizes a loving text message sent by his wife, Hailey. The 29-year-old pop star splurged on a special gift for Hailey – a customized picture of a text bubble featuring a message she sent him while they were apart. In the message, the model expressed how much she missed him. It was transformed into an artwork made from acrylic and resin by Idiot Box Art. The text read: “I miss you. I miss your smile. I miss your laugh. I miss your hugs. I miss your kisses. I miss your jokes. I miss making love. I miss being in your arms,” ending with a crying emoji.

A video showcasing the artwork’s creation was posted on the Idiot Box Art Instagram page, along with a message that read: “It’s important to show your loved ones that they are appreciated. Justin Bieber recently contacted us to commission a gift for his wife, Hailey. We’ve created a few text bubbles in the past, but this idea was so unique and thoughtful—a text message thread between him and his wife. As always, it’s a pleasure, and thank you for trusting us with such a special piece @justinbieber @haileybieber.”

The piece was delivered to the couple’s home earlier this month. Justin reportedly timed it to arrive while Hailey, 26, was away working at Paris Fashion Week in France so he could surprise her. This comes just weeks after the couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary last month. The ‘Yummy’ singer praised his wife in a heartfelt Instagram post addressed to his “beloved.”

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He wrote: “To the most precious, my beloved. 5 years. You have captivated my heart. I know from the depths of my soul down to my bones that this journey with you will only exceed our wildest expectations. So let’s keep dreaming big, baby. Cheers to forever and ever. I love you with every fiber of my being. HAPPY 5TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY!”.

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