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Karrion Kross Is On His Last Chance In The WWE


  • Karrion Kross has struggled to find success on the main roster of WWE, facing setbacks and missed opportunities.
  • The formation of a new faction with the Authors of Pain marks a fresh start and potential redemption for Kross.
  • The success of this last chance hinges on WWE’s commitment to developing the faction’s identity and allowing Kross to showcase his intensity and charisma.

In the unpredictable world of WWE, where careers rise and fall like tides, one name has lingered on the precipice of greatness, seemingly grappling with the elusive chance to reclaim glory. Karrion Kross, once a powerhouse in NXT, encountered a rollercoaster journey upon entering the main roster. His Raw and SmackDown journeys have been riddled with setbacks, bewildering character shifts, and missed opportunities. Now, standing at the crossroads of redemption or obscurity, Kross emerges with a newfound alliance with the Authors of Pain. This is no ordinary chapter; it’s a pivotal moment where the stakes are higher than ever. As the curtain rises on Karrion Kross’ latest narrative, the question looms — can he seize this last chance to redefine his destiny in the unforgiving realm of WWE?

Karrion Kross Has Been A Bust On Raw And SmackDown

Karrion Kross’ Two Horrible Main Roster Runs

Karrion Kross Years Worked In WWE



First run in NXT and main roster


Second run on the main roster

Karrion Kross’ initial ascent in NXT painted a picture of a menacing force destined for greatness. His second NXT Championship reign solidified him as a dominant and calculating champion, instilling fear in his opponents. However, the transition to the main roster in 2021 marked the beginning of a downward spiral. The shock of Kross losing his debut match to Jeff Hardy in quick fashion sent shockwaves through the WWE Universe. The infamous gladiator gimmick, which saw him donning a peculiar red helmet, only further fueled the disconnect with the audience. Despite subsequent victories, the aura that once surrounded Kross had been shattered. WWE’s abrupt decision to release him added another layer of uncertainty to his future.

Returning to WWE in 2022, Kross found himself entangled in high-profile feuds with the likes of Drew McIntyre, AJ Styles, and Rey Mysterio. Regrettably, these feuds concluded with Kross on the losing side with only seldom victories here and there, diminishing the credibility he had built in NXT. Even after reverting to his original Karrion Kross persona, the damage had been done. WWE seemed unsure of how to utilize him, leading to a four-month absence from television in 2023. Upon his return, Kross participated in the US Championship qualifying tournament but suffered a decisive defeat to Bobby Lashley, emphasizing the struggles of his main roster journey.


Karrion Kross Reveals Why He Was Relieved Over WWE Release In 2021

Karrion Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux were released from their contracts in November, but Triple H brought them back nine months later.

Karrion Kross’ New Faction Debuts On SmackDown

The Authors Of Pain Finally Return To WWE


In a dramatic twist on the first SmackDown of 2024, Karrion Kross and Scarlett made a grand return, accompanied by the powerful Authors of Pain (AOP). Their disruptive interference during Bobby Lashley’s segment with the Street Profits hinted at the formation of a formidable dark heel faction. The inclusion of AOP, known for their dominance and relentless aggression, added a layer of intimidation to Kross’ renewed persona.

This new alliance sparked immediate speculation and excitement among fans, intrigued by the potential dynamic and impact of this dark faction. The synergy between Kross, Scarlett, and AOP with their manager Paul Ellering suggested a cohesive unit, reminiscent of classic heel factions in WWE history. The timing of this faction’s debut at the beginning of 2024 hinted at a fresh start for Kross and his associates. The dark undertones of their appearance signaled a departure from Kross’ past struggles and gimmick missteps, emphasizing a shift towards a more serious and impactful character.


Killer Kross Says ‘Everything Felt Wrong’ After He Arrived On WWE’s Main Roster

Former WWE Superstar Killer Kross (Karrion Kross) had a feeling his days were numbered shortly after he was called up to the main roster.

This New Faction Is Karrion Kross’ Last Shot In WWE

Karrion Kross Has Had Many Chances In WWE

Karrion Kross finds himself at a critical juncture in his WWE career. Despite possessing undeniable talent and an imposing presence, past booking missteps and gimmick blunders have left him struggling to connect with the audience. This latest chapter signifies Kross’ last chance to carve out a lasting legacy in WWE. The burden of Kross’ past shortcomings is not solely his to bear. WWE’s inconsistent booking decisions are a bigger problem.

Yet, the road ahead is fraught with challenges. The current WWE landscape is saturated with factions, including the popular Judgment Day, which is a similar faction with their dark heel gimmick. For Kross to stand out, the faction must not only be unique but also resonate with the audience. The success of this endeavor hinges on WWE’s commitment to crafting compelling storylines and allowing Kross to showcase the intensity and charisma that initially garnered attention in NXT.

Kross faces the uphill battle of distinguishing his faction in a sea of similar entities. Whether it adopts a supernatural, evil aura or leans more towards a mercenary theme, creativity and innovation are paramount. WWE must invest time and resources into developing the faction’s identity, ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with Kross’ character and resonates with fans on a deeper level. While skeptics question the longevity of this new alliance, the responsibility lies squarely with WWE to prove the naysayers wrong. If the company is genuinely invested in Karrion Kross as a mainstay, it must learn from past mistakes and provide the necessary support for the faction to flourish. In the end, Kross’ last chance is not just about the faction’s success; it’s about rebuilding his credibility and reconnecting with a fanbase that has grown skeptical.

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