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Kelly Rutherford Opens About Her Life After She Lost Her Children’s Custody  

Popular “Gossip Girl” Kelly Rutherford has been getting back on track and gradually living her life with peace. It’s been almost 10 years since she lost custody of her children. That was the roughest patch of her life. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, she talked about her new life and how it’s going, what else she is doing other than acting etc. Even after her divorce, Kelly kept working. Recently, she was seen in the “Quantico” TV series.

Kelly Rutherford married to a German entrepreneur, Daniel Giersch, in 2006, and they got separated in the year 2010. In those four years of marriage, the couple shared two babies, Hermes and Helena. After Helena’s birth, the couple went into a legal battle for the custody of the kids as they found that they were not compatible with each other. Earlier, the court gave joint custody of both kids to parents. But later Daniel had to leave because his Visa was revoked. During that phase, Kelly tried hard for the whole of custody, but the court ordered a 50-50 rule. As per the court’s order, Hermes and Helena started living with their father Daniel, in Monaco. Kelly had two options, one was to move in and another was to travel to meet kids.

The legal battles got stretched a lot, resulting in Rutherford being bankrupt in 2013. And in 2015, Daniel got full custody of his two kids and visitation rights were given to Rutherford.  

In the entire process, Kelly became alone. Well, she doesn’t live with her children, but she has been trying hard to be a good mother to them. She is still on her healing journey. She said, “It’s been really healthy for me, and really good”. She is in continuous touch with her kids. She mentioned, “My kids are getting older, and they’re sort of like, ‘Okay, get on with your life. They’re teenagers now, and they’ve got their friends and their stuff. So my day to day life has recently been more about me and my dogs, working and traveling.” She is gaining that confidence which she lost in the entire trauma and rebuilding herself.  

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