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Kevin Dunn Reportedly Leaving WWE

Reports have surfaced the long-time WWE executive Kevin Dunn has given his notice to the company and will be moving on.


  • Longtime WWE executive Kevin Dunn is reportedly leaving the company after over three decades of service.
  • Dunn’s decision to retire is said to be influenced by internal changes post-Endeavor acquisition and a desire to not be dictated to.
  • The departure of Dunn, who played a major role in shaping WWE’s visual identity, could lead to changes in the company’s production style and programming.

In what will be viewed as a seismic shift within the WWE, Kevin Dunn, a stalwart executive with over three decades of service with the company, is apparently bidding WWE farewell. According to an exclusive report from, Dunn, who held the esteemed position of Executive Producer & Chief, Global Television Distribution, conveyed his decision to part ways with WWE during the Christmas week.

They write:

Dunn, who held the post of Executive Producer & Chief, Global Television Distribution, informed WWE around Christmas week he was exiting after more than three decades with the company. We are told that a big factor in his decision to retire is changes made internally post-Endeavor acquisition and as one source stated, that Dunn was “never going to do anything that was dictacted” to him, as opposed to how he personally oversaw production in the past.

They also report, “We are told this was not an issue of creative but two differing versions of how things should be run from a TV production perspective as WWE’s new owner seeks to cut costs.”

For fans who know Dunn’s work, they also know he has a long-standing allegiance to Vince McMahon. The timing and circumstances carry significant weight, especially with McMahon’s influence diminishing following the Endeavor and TKO Group Holdings acquisition. Since his hiring in 1984 by Vince McMahon, Jr., Dunn steadily climbed the ranks, contributing significantly to the development of major WWE events. His ascent to Executive Producer in 1993 marked a turning point, ultimately leading to roles as an executive VP in 2003 and a member of the board of directors in 2008.


Why Kevin Dunn Is So Hated By WWE Fans, Explained

Few people in WWE are as disliked by fans as much as Vince McMahon’s right hand man, Kevin Dunn.

Kevin Dunn Played A Major Role In Shaping The Way WWE Is Presented

Dunn’s imprint on WWE’s visual identity has been indelible since 1993 when he assumed the role of Executive Producer for all WWE programming. Instrumental in shaping the distinctive production style that defines WWE, he played a vital role in the company’s evolution. It will be intriguing to see how the product visuals change. It might be minor and it might mean a huge shift for WWE.

At the same time, some fans are excited about what this could mean for programming. Dunn’s approach to production has been a subject of criticism from fans in recent years. The use of quick cuts and zoom-ins during broadcasts has frustrated viewers. Wrestlers and personalities within the industry have also voiced their grievances against Dunn, accusing him of negatively influencing careers and being involved in controversial decisions.

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