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Kevin Nash’s Wrestling Looks

One of the more popular and successful big men of 1990s wrestling, Kevin Nash found success in the WWE as Diesel before jumping ship to WCW. There, he formed the New World Order with Scott Hall and Hollywood Hogan, which proved to really escalate the Monday Night War between the two major promotions.


Why Kevin Nash Left WWE In 1996, Explained 

Kevin Nash famously left WWE for WCW in 1996. What was the reason behind Big Daddy Cool’s jump?

While most fans know only two major phases of Kevin Nash — his time as Diesel and his time working under his real name — the wrestler has sported a number of looks throughout his in-ring career. Let’s take a look at all of them, from his early beginnings all the way to his final major appearances on wrestling TV.

10 Oz Was Easily Kevin Nash’s Worst Look

Also, One Of WCW’s Worst Gimmicks Ever

Oz Run

Televised Matches



While it wasn’t Kevin Nash’s first gimmick, he’s never had a stranger one than his brief stint as Oz in WCW. A character explicitly based on The Wizard of Oz, Oz came to the ring wearing a robe and a rubber wizard mask, only to take it off in the ring to reveal that it’s just some intense looking wrestler with silver-dyed hair under the old man mask. The whole concept was bizarre to begin with, and the lackluster visual execution didn’t help at all.

9 Master Blaster Steel Was Kevin Nash’s First WCW Gimmick

Nash Looked Like He Was Covered In Soot

Master Blaster Run

Tag Team Partners


Master Blaster Iron, Master Blaster Blade

As stated, Kevin Nash didn’t debut in WCW as Oz. His debut actually happened about a year earlier, as he was Steel of the tag team Master Blasters. Yet another Road Warriors rip-off, the Master Blasters definitely felt like a bottom-of-the-barrel version among the iconic tag team’s various imitators. As Master Blaster Steel, Nash sported a mohawk/mullet combination and occasional face paint. However, more often Steel was covered in what seemed like it was supposed to be camouflage but looked more like the soot one might see on a chimney sweep.

8 Kevin Nash Returned To WWE In 2011

His Look During This Period Was Kind Of Strange

Kevin Nash Return Run

PPV Match




Triple H vs. Kevin Nash



SummerSlam 2011 ended on a surprising note, as Kevin Nash returned to WWE to cost CM Punk the WWE Championship via an Alberto Del Rio cash-in. The months that followed resulted in some bungled storytelling, but the relevant part here is Nash’s look during this period.


Kevin Nash’s 2011 WWE Return Was One Of The Weirdest Ever

Kevin Nash’s return to WWE and subsequent feuds were some of the weirdest things to ever happen in wrestling.

While in TNA he seemed to embrace his age (see below), this brief WWE run for Kevin Nash saw him sporting slicked-back dyed hair and a thick goatee, both of which were dyed to an unbelievably dark degree.

7 Vinnie Vegas Was Kevin Nash’s Final Gimmick In His First WCW Run

Nash Looked Like He Was Wearing A Costume

Vinnie Vegas collage.

Vinnie Vegas Run



The Vegas Connection, The Diamond Mine

Kevin Nash’s original run with WCW ended in 1993, but not before a third and final gimmick. In early 1992, Nash shed the Oz gimmick to become Vinnie Vegas, a stereotypical mobster character. A member of Diamond Dallas Page’s Diamond Mine faction, this period was arguably Nash’s least embarrassing of this WCW tenure, but still left a lot to be desired. In terms of loo, the black and pink motif isn’t a bad one, but the outfit mostly looked like Vinnie Vegas was wearing a costume. Of course, he was, but it shouldn’t feel like that.

6 The Outsiders Was Kevin Nash’s Most Successful Tag Team Era

The Bright Red Gear Was A Weird Look

The Outsiders WCW Run

Accomplishments As The Outsiders


WCW World Tag Team Champions (6x)

Kevin Nash’s return to WCW came in 1996 as the promotion began setting up for the big nWo invasion storyline, with Nash and Scott Hall teaming up as The Outsiders. While the angle was an unabashed success, Nash’s Outsiders gear wasn’t the best. Usually wearing red or black leather pants, the big offender of Nash’s look was the bright red singlet over his torso, which awkwardly had “The Outsiders” emblazoned across the chest. For the most part, Nash’s gear has maintained the same shape since his days as Diesel, but this one just didn’t work.

5 Kevin Nash Had His Moments In TNA

Nash Didn’t Change His Look Much, But Was Aging Gracefully

Kevin Nash TNA Run

Accomplishments In TNA


TNA Legends Champion, TNA World Tag Team Champion

In general, established stars in TNA didn’t really change much about their presentation, as that would defeat the purpose of having established stars in TNA. This is true of Kevin Nash, who maintained his unmistakable look and singlet/pants gear regardless of what he was doing in the company. Compared to other veterans that showed up in the company during this time, however, Nash seemed like one of the least embarrassing. Even as he took part in comedy angles coaching the X-Division, Nash seemed to be aging gracefully compared to some of his peers.

4 Kevin Nash Got His Hair Cut After Losing To Chris Jericho

Nash’s Bleach Blond Look Was For A Movie Role




The Punisher Release Date

Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Nash




After the demise of WCW, Kevin Nash returned to WWE in 2002 as part of an ultimately disappointing nWo reunion. Sticking around for nearly two years — though with at least one huge gap thanks to injury — Nash took part in feuds with Triple H and Chris Jericho, the latter of which resulted in a new look.


Kevin Nash In The Punisher & 9 More Forgotten Movie Roles From Former WCW Wrestlers

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After losing a Hair vs. Hair match against Jericho on an August 2003 episode of Raw, Nash appeared in the Elimination Chamber match at SummerSlam a week later sporting short bleach blond hair. It was unique, but also due to Nash being cast in The Punisher, where he played a villain known as The Russian.

3 Diesel Was Kevin Nash’s First Successful Era In Wrestling

Nash Had A Great Look To Go With His Success

Diesel Run

Accomplishments As Diesel


WWE Intercontinental Champion, WWE World Tag Team Champion, WWE Champion

Upon signing to WWE in 1993, Nash found his first success in pro wrestling as Diesel, Shawn Michaels’ personal bodyguard, before he struck out on his own and even became WWE Champion. Despite his ring name suggesting a trucker, Diesel was more of a biker, and had a look to show for it. It was a pivotal moment in Nash’s visual evolution, as it established the look he’d continue to use for the rest of his career, the leather pants/singlet combo and an entrance vest.

2 Kevin Nash In The Wolfpac

Nash Was A Founding Member Of The nWo

Kevin Nash nWo Wolfpac Run

Iterations Of The nWo That Nash Was A Member Of


nWo, nWo Wolfpac, nWo Elite, nWo 2000

In 1998, WCW decided to further capitalize on the popularity of the New World Order by spinning off the group into a babyface version, the nWo Wolfpac, to feud with the classic nWo, now dubbed nWo Hollywood. Dropping the black-and-white motif for red and black, Nash also began to sport a Wolfpac specific shirt, which was all red with a giant wolf head on the chest. The faction itself began to fall apart due to injuries before the infamous Finger Poke of Doom even happened, but the Wolfpac era was a great look for Nash.

1 Kevin Nash In WCW

The Red & Black Gear Is His Best Look

Kevin Nash WCW Run

Kevin Nash Solo Accomplishments


WCW World Champion (5x)

With the formation of the nWo Wolfpac, Kevin Nash began to really break out as a singles wrestler in WCW, famously going on to defeat Goldberg for the WCW World Title by the end of 1998. In addition to his in-ring accomplishments, Nash actually sported the best look of his career when it comes to ring gear. As one might expect, the singlet/leather pants combination held strong, but this time it was usually all black, with a red and white NASH over the chest. It’s the same color scheme as his aforementioned outsiders gear, but the dominant black with red accents proved superior to the dominant red.

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