Wednesday, November 29

Khloe Kardashian described her 30s as the worst decade in her history; I can’t wait to turn 40

Khloe Kardashian hates her 30s: On June 27, Khloe Kardashian turned 39 years old. The Kardashians star showed off birthday gifts from her and a cheeky card she received on her Instagram stories. In her stories, she also revealed that she hated being 30 years old.

Khloe Kardashian described her 30s as the worst decade in her history. She said: “I don’t love showing off all my gifts because I think it’s a bit off putting, but this one was just too much fun. I hate being 30; I think it’s the worst decade in history.”

He then held up a birthday card for a friend that featured the number 39 in large black type, a plus sign, and a hand holding up the middle finger. She wrote: “And I can’t wait to be 40 years old. So this card, Alexa, I don’t know where you found this… but it’s great.

In addition, her friend gave Kardashian a series of elaborate gifts, including a passport, lots of pencils, and headbands with the phrases ‘Bunny,’ ‘1984,’ and ‘365 days’ etched in pink gems. As she showed off these gifts, Khloe said: “And then all these clips. My mom calls me ‘Bunny’. And then I have 365, now fewer, days until I’m 40. My beautiful year I was born.”

Aside from them, Kardashian also shared a photo of a fun birthday present: a T-shirt with her infamous 2007 mugshot on it and a tag reading “Parental Notice” at the bottom. On top of the garment was also a camera and some film. Large bouquets of flowers, chocolate and other gifts from family and friends were also presented to the celebrity.

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