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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Come Face To Face At Their Son’s Basketball Game

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the former power couple who finalized their divorce in 2021, found themselves in an unexpected reunion recently at their 6-year-old son Saint’s basketball game. Despite their past, the duo showcased a cordial interaction that caught the attention of onlookers.

In a series of photographs captured during the event, Kim Kardashian, donned in a casual white tank top and a black baseball cap, appeared engaged in a friendly conversation with Kanye West. Their 6-year-old daughter, Chicago, stood between them, possibly unaware of the former couple’s history.

Kanye West, facing away from the camera, sported a black T-shirt as they watched Saint play for his youth basketball team. Despite the public setting, the ex-couple chose to maintain a few chairs’ distance from each other during the game.

Additional visuals shared by Daily Mail depicted Kim engrossed in texting while standing beside Kanye, showcasing a level of comfort and ease despite their divorce.

The recent encounter marks a notable development since the divorce, offering glimpses into the evolving dynamics between Kim and Kanye as co-parents to their three children. In addition to Saint, they share two other children, 10-year-old North West and 4-year-old Psalm.

Coincidentally, these images serve as the latest visuals of Kanye West following his recent acquisition of titanium teeth. Kanye proudly showcased his new metallic smile on Instagram, drawing parallels with James Bond villain, Jaws. According to insiders, Kanye personally customized these teeth, which are reportedly “more expensive than diamonds.”

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