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Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Battle With Adult Acne: Here’s How She Deals With It

In a candid interview with Refinery29, beauty mogul Kim Kardashian opened up about her secret struggle with adult acne, proving that she’s no stranger to common skincare woes.

The 42-year-old star of “The Kardashians” confessed, “Oh, I’ve had full-blown acne, complete bouts of it.” She shared that she adeptly conceals it “under makeup,” which she applies skillfully. Kim also mentioned documenting her experience, believing that people would be surprised to learn about her battle with acne.

Kim embarked on an exploration of various ingredients and products to address her changing complexion. She deliberated on whether to discontinue using oils, pondering, “Should I stop using oils if I have acne?” However, she concluded that ceasing oil usage was not a helpful solution.

Her acne journey served as inspiration for her to investigate ingredients for her skincare line. Pumpkin enzymes, in particular, caught her attention, and she initially used them as a “blemish mask.” This eventually led to the creation of her own product, the Skkn by Kim Resurfacing Mask ($65), which recently launched. Kim described the product’s primary objective as providing users with a “post-facial glow” through a double chemical and enzymatic method, as demonstrated on her Skkn by Kim Instagram Reel.

Despite her successful skincare endeavors, Kim Kardashian has yet to find a solution for her psoriasis, a condition she inherited from her mother, Kris Jenner. She admitted to being the only one of her siblings to experience this condition and confessed to feeling somewhat resigned to understanding its causes. Kim explained that her psoriasis could flare up unexpectedly, even when she’s feeling incredibly calm.

In terms of makeup preferences, Kim acknowledged that her tastes have evolved over the years. She revealed, “I used to love super matte makeup, and I never thought I would like super creamy products.” Nowadays, she aims for a creamy and dewy look, embracing a change in her makeup aesthetic.

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