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Kofi Kingston Provides An Update On Big E


  • Big E suffered a serious neck injury over 18 months ago, but is now able to live a normal life and lift weights, although it’s unclear if he will be able to wrestle again.
  • Kofi Kingston provides an update, mentioning that E fractured his C1 and C6 in multiple places and did not require surgery. Whether he returns to wrestling is uncertain, but Kingston hopes to see him back in the ring.
  • While doctors advised against E wrestling again, it doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t. If he can’t wrestle, there are other ways he can contribute to the business.

Big E suffered an incredibly scary injury during a match on SmackDown more than 18 months ago, landing on his neck when taking a belly-to-belly suplex at ringside. The New Day member was taken to hospital where it was revealed he had broken his neck. E is thankfully back to a place in his life where he can live normally, previously revealing how much worse it could have been. However, it’s still unclear whether he will ever be able to wrestle again.

Kofi Kingston Provides An Update

Kofi Kingston provided an update on his New Day partner when speaking to The Toronto Sun. “He’s able to live everyday life and he’s able to lift weights, which is a big part of his life, too,” Kingston revealed. “It could have been a lot worse. I’m just happy that he is able to live his life with a level of happiness and health.” Kingston also spoke about E fracturing his C1 and C6 in multiple places and that he didn’t have surgery to fix them.

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As for whether E will ever be able to wrestle again, Kingston further confirmed that’s still unclear. “Whether he comes back, I think we all have to just kind of wait and see what happens and I think a lot of people would be really stoked to see him out there again.” Kingston did add that if E can’t wrestle again, that’s okay too, and the main thing is that his friend is happy and healthy, as he said above. Kingston is also pleased E didn’t need to undergo surgery to repair his injuries.

Big E WWE Champion Day 1 Cropped

Will Big E Wrestle Again?

The last time E spoke publicly about his recovery was August at which time he confirmed doctors had advised against him wrestling again. Long-time fans will know that doesn’t necessarily mean E won’t compete again, though. Pro wrestling is unique in that injuries, even ones as serious as Big E’s, can be worked around. There are also examples like Edge and Bryan Danielson where they’ve retired due to injuries only to return years later either due to those injuries getting better, or advancements in medicine meaning they can wrestle again.

I’ve never met Big E, but he’s one of the few people in the wrestling business who seems to be genuinely loved by everyone he’s met. Like Kingston, I really hope E gets to wrestle again, but his health is paramount. If he can’t wrestle again, there are plenty of other ways he can contribute to the business. Also, even though the reign came to an end in a disappointing way, I’m glad we got to see him as WWE Champion just a couple of months before he suffered a broken neck.

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