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Kourtney Kardashian officially changes her last name to Barker after marrying Travis

Kourtney Kardashian recently made headlines by officially changing her last name to Barker after marrying Travis. The renowned Kardashian star, who married the Blink-182 musician last year, revealed that she has now updated her last name on her official document.

On her Instagram account, Kourtney shared a snapshot of her driver’s license, proudly displaying her new name as Kourtney Kardashian Barker. Alongside the photo of her, she captioned it with a playful statement: “Say my name.” Her journey as a couple began with an unofficial wedding in Las Vegas in 2022, which was followed by an official ceremony in Santa Barbara. Weeks later, they indulged in a lavish celebration in Italy to commemorate their marriage.

Kourtney’s decision to change her name echoes her sister Kim, who also underwent the driver’s license update process. Kim, being meticulous about her appearance, even brought her glam squad to the California DMV offices. During a recent episode of the family’s reality show on Hulu, viewers witnessed Kim’s memorable walk into the offices after closing hours. Accompanied by her trusted hairstylist Chris Appleton, makeup artist Ariel Tejada and the rest of her beauty team, she sought her expertise to ensure she would look perfect for her driver’s license photo.

Chris, one of Kim’s hairstylists, shared with the producers, “Today we’re with Kim and we’re getting her driver’s license photo done… It’s a big deal because you have to live with it. [the picture] for a long time… Too many people live with unsightly driver’s licenses, so we need to make sure they’re correct. No matter where Kim goes, Ariel and I have got her back.”

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