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Kurt Angle Discusses Which Promotion He Would Sign With If He We’re Starting Out In Pro Wrestling Today


  • Kurt Angle would choose to work for WWE if he were starting out today due to their worldwide outreach.
  • Angle initially preferred the style of New Japan Pro Wrestling over other promotions he worked for.
  • Despite the potential for more money in AEW, Angle acknowledged the importance of exposure and reaching a larger audience, which WWE offers.

In the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show that dropped on November 26, the “Ask Kurt Anything” format was in play. Co-host Paul Bromwell read a question from a listener regarding which promotion The Olympic Hero would want to work for if he were just starting out today.

RELATED: Best Reasons For A Wrestler To Sign With WWE (& Reasons Not To)The answer may not have been a complete shock, but it is interesting to hear the perspective of someone like Angle, who is not only a decorated veteran who worked in a variety of pro wrestling promotions, but also someone whose gold medal credentials made him a super attractive free agent who could have worked wherever he liked when he started out in the squared circle, signing with WWE in the mid-1990s.

Kurt Angle Would Choose WWE All Over Again

Kurt Angle didn’t hesitate in saying that if he were to start out with wrestling today, he’d want to work for WWE. “The reason is they have more of an outreach worldwide,” Angle explained. “AEW’s getting there… but it’s going to take them a little time.”

Paul Bromwell quickly pitched the scenario of AEW offering Angle significantly more guaranteed money, which quickly made the Olympic Hero change his tune. He played the changed decision for laughs, but both men also acknowledged the bottom line of the wrestling business that if Angle were making significantly more cash, it would be hard to turn that down for at least the length of one contract.

Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle NJPW

The question of where Kurt Angle would choose today for his wrestling career had an added layer of nuance given, a few minutes earlier in the show, he discussed that the style of New Japan Pro Wrestling actually fit him best out of all the places he worked across his pro wrestling career. He paid due respect to WWE and to TNA, but said the overall style of NJPW was the best match.

RELATED: How Much Money Do WWE Wrestlers Make (& 8 More Things Fans Should Know About Their Contracts)Angle recalled thinking he was only coming into the promotion to transition the IWGP Heavyweight Championship off Brock Lesnar, who was reluctant to put over any of the Japanese talent. Angle’s reign wound up longer than expected as the powers that be kept the title on him for several months.

There’s certainly a case to be made that a young Kurt Angle would be most interesting in AEW today, working dream matches with the likes of Will Ospreay, Kenny Omega, or Bryan Danielson. In the end, the Olympic gold medalist probably had the right instinct, though, in wanting to work for WWE because of just how many eyes he could put his work in front of.

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