Wednesday, November 29

Leonardo DiCaprio Stunned After Man Discovered Rare Fish In Kerala, Shares Details

A new species of fish has been discovered in the state of Kerala, gaining recognition around the world. This news caught the attention of Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who used his Instagram account to share the details of this remarkable find.

In his post, the actor wrote: “Nature is all around us, and sometimes all it takes to discover a new species is a normal day. This was the case with Mr. Abraham, a local stage director living in the state of Kerala, India, who found a new species of fish while taking a shower. The hidden Pathala eel loach resides below the ground surface in the narrow aquifers of the southern Indian state of Kerala in complete darkness. Despite this lucky discovery, accessing these fish and discovering their secrets is not an easy task. Follow the link in the bio to read more about how citizen science in the state of Kerala, India, is the key for researchers to study these unknown underground ecosystems.”

According to the report, Mr. Abraham quickly took the nearest glass jar he could find and placed the new creature inside. Subsequently, he contacted researchers from the Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies. The researchers, in turn, located three more fish of the same species in Abraham’s 17-foot well.

Little did Mr. Abraham know that a simple act like taking a shower would lead him to this extraordinary find. In an incredible stroke of luck, he discovered the elusive Pathala Eel Loach, a blind subterranean freshwater fish.

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