Thursday, November 30

Lily-Rose Depp defends ‘The Idol’ amid criticism for explicit scenes and nu**ity

Lily-Rose Depp’s drama The Idol has been criticized online for being raunchy and provocative. Amid the controversy, The Idol is having a pop culture debate online about whether the series needs explicit scenes to push the narrative forward. Most of the internet finds the series lacking in substance. However, the stars of the series stand by their product despite its many flaws and unnecessary sensationalism.

In the drama, Lily plays a pop singer who returns to the industry after a nervous breakdown. Things get worse when she meets self-help guru Abel Tesfaye. The show has previously been panned by critics for its excessive nudity and explicit sex scenes. Now, in the face of criticism, the actress says that these scenes were intentional.

The idea of ​​“The Idol” was to satirize the dark and twisted nature of the music industry and how it has overt sexism against women. However, the story completely changed once Sam Levinson joined the team. He did not satirize; instead, he continued with the industry’s hackneyed clichés. The unnecessary sex scenes have generated criticism and outrage from the public.

In response to harsh criticism of her most recent cover interview with Vogue Australia, Lily-Rose Depp has spoken out. In her own words, “For me, the whole character, the show, and her arc was really a collaboration from start to finish.”

While talking about the nudity, he said, “So when it comes to the nudity and the edgy aspect of the part, that for me was really helpful. I really wanted to do it as it was something very important to me. I’m not afraid of that. I think our culture is heavily sexualized. I think it would be interesting to investigate that.”

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