Friday, April 19

Logan Paul Admits To Doing The One Thing WWE Asked Him Not To With The US Title

Logan Paul has been US Champion for a little more than a week and say what you want about the man, but there’s no doubt he is very proud to have that title in his possession. He challenged Rey Mysterio for it directly after his last boxing match, he took it with him to a UFC event last weekend, he even posted evidence that he wears it in the shower. WWE is likely okay with all that, even the shower thing, but Paul has revealed he has also done the one thing with the title that Triple H specifically asked him not to do.

Logan Paul Breaks WWE’s One Golden Rule

“Triple H… said, ‘Logan, congratulations on the belt. One thing we’ve been really cautious about here in the organization is making sure our athletes are not f**king in their belts,” Paul revealed on Jake Paul’s YouTube channel. “I gave him my word. Next thing you know, I’m clapping cheeks in this f**king 40-pound piece of metal. You gotta cut all of that out.”

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Paul said everything he told them on the show about having sex while wearing the belt needed to be cut out and well, it wasn’t, so he may need to have a word with his brother. It will also be interesting to find out if Paul is punished by WWE in any way for openly admitting he broke the one rule Triple H told him about moments after he became US Champion. I would say if he is punished, we’ll never find out about it, but Paul is clearly eager to tell us about all of the finer details when it comes to his WWE career.

logan paul in bed with the us title, and holding it above his head

Will He Be Punished?

It might be a tricky situation for WWE. The Game obviously doesn’t want Paul to think he can do whatever he likes, but he also won’t want him to walk away. Not only does Paul bring a lot of eyeballs to WWE, but he’s also pretty darn good after only having wrestled eight matches. Not punishing him at all for openly breaking the rules, however, may upset other Superstars, making them feel like it’s one rule for them and another for Paul.

My guess is Paul will likely be quietly fined for what he did and probably be okay with that. He knows he broke the rules hence him asking for his comments to be edited out of the show. As for why exactly WWE has these rules in place, aside from the obvious, I’d assume it stretches back to the incident with Paige, now Saraya, and Xavier Woods. Images and videos of both, some of them including the then-NXT Women’s Title, were leaked online, and the championship was being used in a less-than-ideal fashion.

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