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Logan Paul Had To Delete His History With The Rock After His Incident In Japan


The Rock returned to WWE at the start of 2024. Just a few weeks after his return on Raw Day 1, The Rock has been added to TKO’s Board of Directors. In simple terms, he’s now one of Logan Paul’s bosses – someone with whom he’s had issues in the past. The Great One has always been protective of his public image, so a few years back, when Logan found himself in the middle of a controversy after a vlog in Japan’s Aokigahara forest, The Rock cut all ties with The Maverick. It’s been years, but Logan hasn’t been able to completely move on from it.

After signing with WWE back in June 2022, Logan Paul became one of the best celebrity wrestlers to sign on with WWE. Both parties renewed the terms of the contract, and Paul is now under a multi-year agreement with WWE. However, one person he won’t be interacting within the company is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

In an episode of the “True Geordie” podcast, Logan Paul talked about how one of his lifelong heroes was The Rock, but the Hollywood superstar and former WWE world champion completely cut ties with him. According to Paul, it was “one of the saddest moments of his life.”


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The Rock & Logan Paul Used To Have A Relationship

The Rock Cut Ties With Logan Paul In 2018

  • Logan Paul has won the United States Championship in WWE.
  • Logan Paul has been with WWE since 2022, debuting in the ring at WrestleMania 38.
  • The Rock is now Logan Paul’s boss after joining TKO’s Board of Directors.

In the podcast interview, Logan Paul revealed he used to have a relationship with The Rock, and it was an important one for him. This relationship formed in 2017 when Paul, 22 at that time, was building his social media platform and collaborating with other high-profile influencers. Paul called The Rock one of his idols and the two filmed some videos together. However, that is when things went wrong for the influencer. In his attempt to build his YouTube channel, he made a poorly thought-out decision that same year during a trip to Japan.

Logan Paul went to the Aokigahara forest near Mt. Fuji in Japan. This is an infamous location in Japan and Japanese mythology hints that ghosts live in the forest. This has also had the unexpected side effect of making it a location where people go if they choose to die by suicide. Paul went to the forest hoping to get some footage for his growing YouTube show and found more than he expected. He and his crew came across a dead body and filmed Paul around the body. He posted it to his YouTube channel, expecting controversy to sell, and the backlash almost ruined the young social media influencer’s career. Paul ended up deleting the video, but it was too late to save his relationship with Dwayne Johnson.


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The Rock Broke Off All Communication With Logan Paul After The Suicide Forest Video

The Rock Did Message Logan Paul Once But He Didn’t Respond

In the podcast interview, Logan Paul said that he and Johnson had a shared publicist and that The Rock sent a message through the publicist that he wanted “nothing to do with him” anymore. It disappointed Paul that Johnson didn’t call him personally to talk about it, but that was the last time they ever spoke. Johnson also demanded that Paul remove all the videos and footage of them together from social media.

“After Japan happened, obviously I found myself in a hole, rightfully so, that I had never been in before, extremely low mentally,” Paul said. “I got a call from my publicist, who also repped Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and she’s like, ‘Hey, Dwayne has asked that you remove every picture and video that you’ve done with him.'” A year after the event almost destroyed Paul’s social media career, he posted an apology statement about the video, where he said, “With great power comes great responsibility… for the first time in my life I’m regretful to say I handled that power incorrectly. It won’t happen again.”

Paul said he was sad that his hero no longer wanted anything to do with him, but he also said he understood and did what the publicist requested. While this ended his relationship with his WWE idol, it didn’t seem to affect his future with the company itself. Five years after Paul made what he called a “grotesque error,” he signed a long-term deal with the company. His first major match came at WrestleMania in a tag team match with The Miz, and his second was a SummerSlam match against The Miz. Paul won both matches and is undefeated in WWE. He also got a surprising DM from The Rock in 2022, complimenting one of his videos and acting like nothing ever happened, but Paul said he never responded. It was clear through his comments that Paul still holds a grudge over Johnson ending things with him without a call, but he said he still feels that The Rock is “awesome.” This likely won’t lead to a WWE moment between the two, but if it did, maybe Paul could finally get what he originally wanted, and that was a chance to discuss the incident personally with The Rock.

Logan Paul Said He Doesn’t Know How To Reconcile With The Rock

Logan Paul & John Cena Recently Talked About This


Logan Paul talked about The Rock once again in a recent episode of Impaulsive, where he was joined by John Cena as a guest. There, they talked about Paul’s relationship with The Rock and how Paul still blames himself for letting everyone down, including The Great One, with that one YouTube video. At first, his ego took over, and he told himself:

“I’m going to remember that and if I ever become great one day, I’m going to remember this and remember the way I was discarded.” (h/t Fightful)

But he still hasn’t completely gotten over it, because he hurt The Rock, whom he looked up to when he was trying to become a big social media star. The Cenation Leader chimed in and shared his thoughts as well. He told Paul to forgive The Rock for abandoning him, so he can start working on mending their relationship. Paul did say that he wasn’t ready yet, and before he could move on from this completely, he’d need to have at least a conversation with The Rock himself.

It’s probably a long shot that The Rock and Logan Paul will share the ring together in WWE, but since they’re currently part of the same company, it wouldn’t be surprising if they meet backstage and try to resolve the issue between them.

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