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Mae Young’s Absolutely Weird Relationship With Mark Henry In WWE, Explained

Throughout the Attitude Era especially, WWE was the host to some of the most outrageous, surreal, and insane stories and moments in television history, let alone professional wrestling alone. Vince McMahon’s brain was exposed during this period as one of the most fascinating in the world, with him writing and greenlighting some veritable abominations. One of the most infamous and notable examples of a completely insane storyline was when the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry, entered into a relationship with OAP and professional wrestling business legend Mae Young. Their association was truly something he needed to be seen to be believed.

Mark Henry and Mae Young developed a relationship

The relationship between Mark Henry and Mae Young arose due to a snowball of circumstances and reservation ideas. Due to Henry’s impressive size and strength after becoming known to the world for his performance at the Olympic Games, he was signed to a lucrative 10-year contract with WWE, though after a slow start and development many in WWE weren’t too happy. . with, the company tried to force him out with a series of horrifying hacks and tricks. Rather than give in, Henry embraced everything he was given and did everything he could to profit from it.

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After his time in the Domination Nation faction, Henry undertook the ‘Sex Chocolate’ stunt, which was bizarre in itself. A terrible history with Chyna led to him being exposed as a sex addict because he had relations with his own sister when he was a child. He was as awkward and ridiculous as it sounds, and it’s easy to imagine Vince McMahon laughing to himself watching all of this on WWE programming. Eventually, The Godfather, his old ally from the Nation of Domination, helped him through this, and naturally, he became a baby.

mae young mark henry

Not long after this, however, Henry’s sexual tendencies got the better of him, and he found himself falling in love with Mae Young, who was 70 at the time and several decades older than Henry. Either way, the pair got into a relationship and it was incredibly weird to watch.

Mae Young got pregnant thanks to Mark Henry

Over the next several weeks, segments would show Henry and Young in bed, with one infamous segment taking place on Valentine’s Day on a February 14, 2000 episode of Monday Night Raw. Henry took Young to a hotel and even requested a honeymoon suite for the two lovebirds. Henry was seen leading Young into the room, saying that he “he needed to get his baby over the threshold”, to which Young was excited.

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Mae Young and Mark Henry

The couple “got it” at the hotel, to which Jerry Lawler could be heard and seen gagging at the comments due to what he was witnessing. Henry could be seen feeding Young chocolates before the segment came to a very welcome end. Around the same time, Young and Henry announced that they were having a child together, and that Young was pregnant. Less than a month later, Young seemed to have gone through the entire pregnancy, as she went into labor in what may still be the most upsetting segment of all time.

The son of Mark Henry and Mae Young was… a hand

Young began accompanying Henry to the ring during his matches, and on one occasion when he was wrestling Crash Holly, Young decided to take a dip. However, he began to show signs of pain and clutch his stomach; this could not have been good with a baby on the way. She was put on a stretcher, accompanied by the likes of Gerald Brisco, The Fabulous Moolah and Henry, and carried backstage where she went into labor.

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This segment was accompanied by disgusting sound effects, a perplexed comment, and surprised reactions from segment attendees. Throughout an episode of Raw, WWE kept coming back to this segment, until finally Young gave birth just a month into her pregnancy… by hand. This was never explained and no one knew why Henry and Young produced a hand, but it happened anyway. In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Henry explained that he still doesn’t know why there was a hand.

Mae Young's Hand Birth Scene Cropped

Eventually, the relationship between Henry and Young ended when Henry was sent back to OVW to work on his in-ring skills due to WWE not being happy with his progress, and would once again be known as the World’s Strongest Man afterward. of an impressive strong man. exhibits Henry has carved out a WWE Hall of Fame career for himself, with a World Heavyweight Championship to his name, but fans will never forget his relationship with Mae Young.

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