Thursday, February 22

Mandy Rose Marks First Anniversary Of WWE Release With Tearful Message, Talks Possible Return


  • Former WWE superstar Mandy Rose thanks fans for their support a year after her release, expressing gratitude for their continued love and encouragement.
  • Rose acknowledges the uncertainty of a potential WWE return, leaving fans wondering if she will come back to the company.
  • Despite her new success, it is unlikely that Rose will be brought back to WWE while she continues to focus on her fan-based revenue accounts.

Former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose commemorated the one-year anniversary of her unexpected release from the company with a heartfelt message to her fans on Thursday. The emotional video, recorded in her car, captures Rose expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support she has received over the past year. Obviously doing fine with her new endeavors, she also addressed the possibility of a WWE return.

Rose’s release from WWE, a surprise to the WWE Universe at the time, occurred despite her standing out as a prominent star on the brand. Having just been removed from holding the NXT Women’s Championship, she held the title for over a year. Roxanne Perez won the gold on December 13, 2022, and Rose was released the following day due to her third-party streaming revenue content. She took the time to update fans and thank them for being by her side despite being gone. She noted:

“I just wanna send my regards to everyone out there that has been showing their support, still to this day after it’s been exactly a year to date of my WWE release. I just wanna say I’m really blessed to have all of you guys out here supporting me, still talking about me. I really appreciate it, honestly, from the bottom of my heart,” said Mandy Rose.

She went on to say, “I am so grateful and so blessed, and I had some really tragic experiences the last couple of years. Through these highs and lows, you guys have stood by me and supported me. I just want you guys to know I see you, I see your tweets, I see your comments. I’m so grateful for every single one of you.”

Will She Ever Return To WWE?

Rose acknowledges the uncertainty surrounding a potential return to WWE, emphasizing that she doesn’t know if it will happen. “I know the big question is, you know, will I make a return? I don’t know. Can’t say I will, can’t say I won’t. I know that’s a terrible answer,” said admitted. The video takes an emotional turn as she reflects on the love and encouragement from her fans. She expressed gratitude for the ability to support her family financially. Rose also paid tribute to her late brother, Richard.

It was a heartwarming and tough video for Rose fans. Even with her new success, you can tell she misses WWE. However, the likelihood that she’s brought back while she continues her fan-based revenue accounts is slim.

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