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Matt Hardy’s History With Substance Abuse, Explained


  • Matt Hardy battled severe physical pain and emotional distress, leading him to substance abuse and a downward spiral in his life and wrestling career.
  • Despite legal troubles and addiction, Matt Hardy found the strength to overcome his addictions with his inner determination and the unwavering support of his wife.
  • Matt Hardy’s story is a powerful reminder of the dangers of substance abuse and the possibility of recovery and rebuilding a fulfilling life, serving as an inspiration to others.

Behind the curtain of pyrotechnics and scripted storylines, a shadowy tale of one wrestling legend’s personal ordeal unfolds. Matt Hardy, known for his high-flying maneuvers and captivating charisma, battled demons far more formidable than any opponent he’d faced in the squared circle. As the years rolled on and the injuries mounted, Matt Hardy found himself at a crossroads, a place where physical pain merged with emotional turmoil. In a quest to endure the hardships of the wrestling industry, he made a fateful decision that sent him spiraling down a treacherous path. Fans today can take inspiration from the story of how a wrestling icon confronted the darkest chapters of his life and emerged, against all odds, as a triumphant phoenix.

Matt Hardy Dealt With Severe Pain In WWE

Started Taking Pills In 2010

Matt Hardy faced a personal battle that nearly consumed his life – substance abuse. The story of his addiction is a cautionary tale of how the pressures and physical toll of the wrestling industry, coupled with emotional turmoil, led him down a perilous path. As he himself revealed on his podcast The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy. Around the year 2010, Matt had already spent a considerable amount of time in the wrestling industry, particularly in WWE with his brother Jeff Hardy. Years of grueling matches and high-risk maneuvers had taken a severe toll on his body. He was plagued by injuries in various parts, and the constant pain became unbearable. Seeking a way to continue his wrestling career, he consulted the doctors as instructed by WWE who presented him with a difficult choice. “They said, ‘Well, you can stop doing what you’re doing. The only other thing we can say it take these pills, they help relieve the pain and these pills help relax the muscles, so you won’t be as tight.’ And that’s where it starts, and it’s a very slippery slope.”


During this challenging period, Matt Hardy was not only suffering physically but emotionally as well. His brother Jeff had moved to TNA, while Matt remained in WWE. Frustration and the feeling of being unfairly treated by WWE contributed to his emotional distress. To cope with both physical and emotional pain, he turned to painkillers, setting in motion a downward spiral that would have devastating consequences.

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Matt Hardy Was Released By WWE

Arrested Several Times In 2010

Amid the peak of his harrowing addiction, Matt Hardy’s life took a turn for the worse. He found himself ensnared in a relentless cycle of substance abuse, taking up to five Vicodin pills each day, alongside various other substances. Legal issues compounded his woes, further muddying the waters of his existence. August 2010 marked a particularly troubled period as Matt’s life seemed to unravel before his eyes. First, he was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), a grave legal infraction that was followed by another arrest just two days later, this time for the possession of steroids. These legal troubles cast a dark shadow over his life and threatened his wrestling career.


The situation continued to deteriorate, pushing Matt Hardy into increasingly dire circumstances. His addiction persisted, leading to another arrest, this time for drinking and, in a grievous violation, the breach of court-mandated rehab. It was a time when the consequences of his addiction appeared insurmountable, and it ultimately also played a factor in his release from WWE, which he seemed to have wanted himself as well in October 2010, a significant low point in his life. But that was not the end for Hardy.

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Matt Hardy Recovered From His Addictions

Now Wrestles In AEW

Amid the darkest times of his life, Matt Hardy found the strength to overcome his addiction and rebuild his life and career. He attributes his recovery to two vital factors. Firstly, his inner determination and the desire to lead a better life played a crucial role. The fight within himself was a driving force that eventually led to his redemption. However, Matt also emphasizes the paramount importance of his wife’s unwavering support in his recovery journey. She stood by his side, persistently encouraging him to get back on the right path. Her relentless commitment to his well-being became a pivotal element in his recovery.


Today, Matt Hardy is not only a successful professional wrestler but also a father of four. He has re-established himself in the wrestling scene and occasionally makes appearances in promotions like AEW. His story serves as a powerful reminder of the dangers of substance abuse and the strength of the human spirit to overcome even the darkest of times. Matt Hardy’s battle with substance abuse is a compelling narrative of resilience and redemption. It underscores the importance of seeking help, both from within and from a strong support system, when faced with addiction. Matt’s story is not just a tale of downfall but a testament to the possibility of recovery and rebuilding a life worth living.

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