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“Matthew Perry Was Manipulative Person, He Was Never Clean”, Unnamed Friend’s Shocking Allegation

“FRIENDS” actor Matthew Perry’s demise has created a void in his closed ones’ lives. He died on October 28 this year and his death has become a mystery for many of us. Well, everyone knows about Matthew’s addiction. But his cause of death remained unknown till his autopsy report got viral and now one of his close friends who chose to be anonymous made serious allegations about his drug addiction and that news was shocking for many. 

Matthew was in a coma for two weeks due to his drug addiction, but after that, this actor claimed that he was living a good life and expressed his desire to get settled and have kids last year. But things were not like the way Matthew tried to show. He was creating a false picture, is what his friend told DailyMail. His friend said, “He lied to everyone about being clean. He never was. It’s very sad. The biggest lie he told was probably to himself. He was quite a manipulative person when it came to his struggles with consumption. It was a fight, a battle, and he fought every day to the end.”

His “FRIEND” co-star, Jennifer Aniston, shared in one of the interviews that Matthew was happy and fine, and he wasn’t struggling at all when she spoke to him the same day before he died. But that anonymous friend was accurate. According to the autopsy report, he died because of ‘acute levels of Ketamine’ in his body. Ketamine is a recreational drug and is used to deal with depression and pain. And in hospitals, it is used for the maintenance of anesthesia. That day, the level of this drug in Perry’s body was equal to that of the patient in the hospital, which affected his respiratory tract. 

Due to his sudden death and his drug addiction, his family started an organization to treat people suffering from addiction.

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