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Memorable 1990s WWE Tag Teams

The tag team scene has always been a fun method for wrestlers to get over in tandem. WWE often split up teams to make the genre a difficult task for the average wrestler, but it helped create many future legends. Names like Edge, Jeff Hardy and Shawn Michaels broke out in tag teams before their singles ascensions.


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However, not every team was bound to have a memorable run together. Quite a few duos struggled to build a legendary legacy, but they were able to make the audience feel their presence. The stories of less memorable teams making an impact require a deeper look. Each of the following minor WWE tag teams from the 1990s were remembered by many fans.

10 The Natural Disasters Had Rare Big Man Team Act

Earthquake & Typhoon Couldn’t Remain Over Tag Team

  • Formed Dominant Heel Team After Earthquake Had Hogan Feud
  • Face Turn Actually Worked Better When Leaving Manager Jimmy Hart
  • Won WWE Tag Team Championship Once In Overlooked Tenure

WWE pushed the duo Earthquake and Typhoon in the tag division as Natural Disasters in the 1990s. Earthquake was coming off a main event feud against Hulk Hogan, but it didn’t correlate to his next act with Typhoon having heat.


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A face turn actually improved their standing in the company with fans preferring to get behind them as gentle giants. However, the Natural Disasters were viewed as a fun secondary tag act for house shows and roster depths more than great work.

9 Phil LaFon & Doug Furnas Fizzled Out After Great Debut

Didn’t Have Personality To Get Over During Attitude Era Changes

Doug Furnas Phil LaFon

  • Had Memorable Debut Winning Opening Match Of Major PPV
  • WWE Fans Wanting More Colorful Personalities Ended Their Push
  • Moved To ECW As Part Of WWE’s Working Relationship With Them

WWE brought in the tag team of Phil LaFon and Doug Furnas that thrived in Japan under the name of Can-Am Express. Furnas and LaFon actually had a dream debut in the opening match of Survivor Series 1996 as the sole survivors of their team defeating established names Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith.

The hope was that this would lead to them getting over as babyfaces, but fans didn’t view them as having enough personality. WWE was shifting from the New Generation Era to the Attitude Era, and it made talents like that less impactful.

8 High Energy Wasted Early Chapter Of Owen’s WWE Career

Koko B. Ware As His Tag Partner Just Held Owen Back From Potential

  • One Of Owen’s First WWE Roles Teaming With Fan Favorite Koko
  • Kept Koko’s Bird Mascot Frankie To Appeal To Younger Fans Of 1990s
  • Owen Broke Out More On His Own After Ending High Energy Tag Team

The tag team act of High Energy featured Owen Hart and Koko B. Ware in colorful outfits trying to excite the audience. Vince McMahon booked them as the most generic team possible while trying to force chemistry that wasn’t there.

Fans remembered the act since it was among the first things Owen did in the company and showed some glimpses of his potential. Unfortunately, Koko couldn’t keep up and the creative was so bad that the act failed, but Owen getting a singles push after the split was a positive to come from that.

7 The Headbangers Remained Fun Consistent Secondary Team

Never Broke Out To True Top Tag Team Status During WWE Careers

  • Had Fan Support Despite Being Treated As Secondary Act
  • Teams Like LOD & New Age Outlaws Made Them Look Weak
  • Couldn’t Find Any WWE Success Without Each Other In Singles

Mosh and Thrasher formed the Headbangers tag team for WWE in the mid-1990s that spent a few years on the roster. WWE pushed the Headbangers as a metal head tag team with their unique outfits and personas connecting with some fans.

The duo got over enough to win the WWE Tag Team Championship once, but they never got portrayed as a top team in the way acts like Legion of Doom or the New Age Outlaws did. WWE made the Headbangers memorable enough to be remembered without being discussed as highly as other teams.

6 Tekno Team 2000’s Outlandish Gimmick Made Them Memorable

Erik Watts Continued To Have Nightmare Career Scenarios Playing Out

  • Futuristic Gimmick Came Off More Embarrassing Than Innovative
  • Erik Watts Continued To Worsen Negative Wrestling Reputation
  • Showed WWE’s Biggest Problem With New Generation Gimmicks

WWE tried their luck with the tag team of Erik Watts and Chad Fortune trying to find their big breaks as Tekno Team 2000. The gimmick came in the New Generation Era and tried to forecast the future of a new look and gear for the following millennium.

Tekno Team 2000 completely missed the mark to harm both wrestlers’ careers while being memorable for the wrong reasons. Watts specifically saw his name value suffering more after having a horrible WCW stint viewed as a product of nepotism.

5 The Harris Brothers Kept Getting Chances For New Television Roles

WWE Eventually Gave Up On Them Once Vince Russo Left For WCW

  • Had First Major Twin Tag Team Act For WWE As Blu Brothers
  • D.O.A. Faction Push Was Their Best Chance At Getting Over
  • Moving To WCW Showed Same Flaws That Failed Them In WWE

Ron and Don Harris left an impact on 1990s viewers as one of the first twin tag team acts in wrestling. Twin magic became synonymous with the Bella Twins in WWE, but the Harris Brothers may have been the first to pull off that trick consistently on television.


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Unfortunately, WWE fans didn’t care for them during neither the Blu Brothers run nor their time in the Disciples of Apocalypse faction. The Harris Brothers moved to WCW when Vince Russo gained power there for a bigger push and more lackluster results.

4 Men On A Mission Peaked Too Quickly

Mabel Receiving Heel Singles Push Ended Tag Team

  • Positive Babyface Role Model Gimmick Worked Early For Fan Support
  • Won WWE Tag Team Championship Once During Two-Year Stint Together
  • Mabel’s Heel Push Ended Tag Team For Failed Singles Main Event Position

WWE pushed the pairing of Mo and Mabel as the Men on a Mission tag team in the New Generation Era. Babyface acts that had fan interaction like the Men on a Mission entrance had a better chance at getting over in WWE during this time.

This act clearly worked well enough to win the WWE Tag Team Championship, but Vince McMahon had bigger plans for Mabel. Men on a Mission could be argued as ending too early when Mabel turned heel and won the King of the Ring for an all-time failed main event push.

3 The Beverly Brothers May Have Been The Worst “Brother Tag Team”

Spoiled Brat Heel Characters Had Too Low Of A Ceiling To Work

  • Played Heel Characters That Intended To Get Cheap Heat From Fans
  • Heel Managers The Genius & Coach Represented Them At Various Points
  • Remembered For Worst WWE Tag Team Gimmick Of 1990s Decade

The Beverly Brothers received a heel spot in the tag division for WWE in the early 1990s. Beau and Blake played spoiled heel characters that acted more flamboyant than the average heel to push the buttons of the audience easier.

WWE never viewed the Beverly Brothers as a top team and typically had them using their heat to put over others. Blake and Beau having such a strange look and gimmick did leave them in the memories of fans, despite not accomplishing much as a WWE team.

2 Kai En Tai Became Cult Favorites During Attitude Era

Found Unique Way Of Getting Over With Comedy Work

  • Act Started As Heel Faction Of Japanese Wrestlers Feuding With Val Venis
  • Taka Michinoku & Funaki Became Long-Term Tag Team While Others Left
  • Kai En Tai Had Fan Support For Hilarious Comedy Segments Connecting

WWE started Kai En Tai as a faction of Japanese wrestlers during the Attitude Era before making it a tag team act. Taka Michinoku and Funaki formed the duo that became an underrated source of entertainment during WWE’s hottest time.

Kai En Tai often took part in comedy segments until they got over as babyfaces. Fans loved the hilarity of them trying to invade the Royal Rumble match and getting destroyed every time or Taka posing a threat to Triple H. Kai En Tai could have achieved more, but they left a legacy of being a fun secondary face team for WWE.

1 The Godwinns Represented WWE’s Gimmicks Of Early 1990s

Received Constant Television Time While Falling Into Secondary Role

  • Received Babyface Push Playing Relatives With Pig Farming Background
  • WWE Gave Them Long-Term Storyline Of Phineas Falling In Love With Sunny
  • Changing Looks & Characters For Southern Justice Attitude Era Revamp Flopped

The Godwinns will be mentioned when fans talk about tag teams of the 1990s since they won the WWE Tag Team Championship twice. Henry and Phineas Godwinn had a pushed act of pig farmers playing into the occupational gimmicks of the New Generation Era.

WWE even gave them storylines, like Phineas falling in love with Sunny or their darker heel turns to change their characters. Nothing got them over the secondary level, but fans still remember them as a consistent part of WWE television for years in the decade.

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