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Men’s Elimination Chamber Match Could Set Up Huge Midcard WrestleMania Feud

  • LA Knight SummerSlam 2023 Cropped (1)

    LA Knight

    Shaun Ricker

    Hagerstown, Maryland, USA


    Notable Allies:
    John Cena

    Notable Rivals:
    Roman Reigns, bray wyatt

    Current Promotion:

    6 Feet 1 Inch

    240 lbs


    Championships Held:
    NWA World Tag Team Championship, Impact Wrestling World Championship, Impact World Tag Team Championship, WWE Million Dollar Championship

    BFT (Blunt Force Trauma)



    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:


  • The Men’s Chamber Match at Elimination Chamber will likely determine WrestleMania storylines, with Drew McIntyre as a favorite.
  • There’s buzz about a midcard rivalry between Logan Paul and LA Knight for the U.S. title at WrestleMania 40.
  • WWE may consider incorporating Usher into Knight’s entrance, using Logan Paul’s massive following to promote the match.

According to a few sources, including Fightful Select, there have been discussions in WWE about building up a midcard rivalry between Logan Paul vs. LA Knight for the U.S. title at WrestleMania 40. Still not officially something the company is going with, the expectation is that how these two are booked at Elimination Chamber this weekend will be a huge indication of whether the creative has decided to push forward or hold off.

Knight has teased some issues with AJ Styles of late, so that might be Plan B. But, the company was said to be quite interested at one point in Knight (one of the most over babyfaces) going up against Paul (one of the most fun-to-hate heels). Knight is still a big fan-favorite and WWE wants a high-profile spot for him at WrestleMania 40. If that happens to be against Logan Paul, expect something to go down between these two during the Chamber match on Saturday. Both are in the bout and neither is a favorite to win. Each could be the reason the other is eliminated.


10 Backstage Tales About LA Knight Fans Should Know

While LA Knight is a relatively new phenomenon to many, his career goes back about two decades, which means there are a lot of backstage stories.

There’s a possible storyline WWE can call upon that dates back years between these two. Well before Paul had a full-time contract in WWE, in August of 2020, Paul tweeted, “$10,000 to any influencer who can beat me in a wrestling match.” Knight, who hadn’t exploded as a performer in WWE, responded, “Define influencer.” It would be easy to go back to this tweet and use it as part of the build-up between the two.

The Men’s Chamber Match Will Set The Table For Several WrestleMania Storylines

The favorite going into the match is Drew McIntyre, who many believe is being built up to wrestle Seth Rollins at The Showcase of the Immortals.

There has been a lot of chatter that Knight also wants Usher to perform ‘Yeah’ at WrestleMania for his entrance. It’s not clear at all if WWE is even having those conversations, but if that kind of crossover is on the table, there may be no better opponent than Logan Paul to help promote that part of the match. He’s got a massive following and if he posts that Usher will be in Knight’s corner, it’s sure to draw a ton of attention for WWE, which, in many respects, is what WrestleMania is all about. Considering Usher just performed at the Super Bowl halftime show, he’s as hot as he’s been in years.

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