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Michael Chandler Threatens To End Conor McGregor’s Career With Violent Prediction


  • Michael Chandler predicts an exciting fight with Conor McGregor and confidently believes he will finish McGregor within the first two rounds.
  • Chandler suggests that a victory over McGregor could potentially mark the end of McGregor’s career.
  • Chandler expresses openness to competing at middleweight, emphasizing that the weight class is not a significant factor for him and that their sizes are very comparable.

Conor McGregor’s likely opponent has issued a thinly veiled threat about how their upcoming fight is going to play out. Chandler has officially confirmed that he will be facing McGregor during this year’s International Fight Week. The anticipation between McGregor and Chandler has spanned the past 11 months, awaiting a definitive fight date. To initiate the New Year, McGregor declared that the bout is set for June 29 as part of this year’s International Fight Week.

Chandler has also acknowledged the same information, at least to a certain extent. The matchup has been a long time in the making, with McGregor’s planned comeback initially delayed at the end of 2023. Although initially pegged for UFC 300, it seems McGregor has now secured a date in the summer.

Michael Chandler Makes A Prediction For His Conor McGregor Fight

The Former Bellator Champion Believes He Will End McGregor’s Career

During an interview on his YouTube channel, Michael Chandler provided insights into his upcoming summer bout with Conor McGregor. Chandler expressed excitement about the significant event, predicting a thrilling fight and asserting his confidence in finishing McGregor within the first two rounds. He went on to suggest that such an outcome could potentially mark the conclusion of McGregor’s career.

“It’s going to be a big card, it’s going to be fun, and I finish Conor within the first two rounds and after that, probably end his career”

Chandler emphasized that there’s more depth to the matchup than what meets the eye, expressing a desire for an intense battle and aiming to break McGregor’s will, jaw, and consciousness. He envisioned a scenario where he flatlines McGregor inside the octagon, bidding farewell to one of the sport’s biggest stars, and allowing both fighters to move on their separate ways.

Michael Chandler Opens Up About Potentially Fighting McGregor At Middleweight

Chandler Isn’t Concerned About The Weight Class

In discussing the potential fight with Conor McGregor, Michael Chandler expressed openness to the idea of competing at middleweight (185 pounds). He emphasized that the weight class is not a significant factor for him, stating that both he and McGregor weigh within a close range of each other.

Drawing from their time together in Las Vegas and the physical similarities observed during daily interactions, Chandler highlighted that their sizes are very comparable. Whether cutting down to 155 pounds or reaching 170 pounds, Chandler asserted that the weight difference is minimal, and the fight he desires and has agreed to is the priority, regardless of the specific weight class.

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