Wednesday, February 28

Mike Rotunda Reveals WWE Put Bray Wyatt On A Legends Contract When He Passed

Four months on from his passing, it’s still hard to believe Bray Wyatt is no longer with us. Triple H broke the news on social media back in August that Wyatt had passed away, rocking the wrestling world. It was revealed after his death that Wyatt had been battling a heart condition exacerbated by contracting COVID-19 and that he passed away while taking a nap, the defibrillator he was advised to keep near him at all times left in the car.

Wyatt’s Legends Contract

Tributes to Wyatt poured in from every corner of the wrestling business and continue to do so, Seth Rollins honoring him and Brodie Lee at a live event last week. WWE also continues to make new Wyatt merch, and the late wrestler’s father Mike Rotunda has confirmed all money from the sales of that merch goes to Wyatt’s children during an appearance on Wrasslin’ Talk. Not only that but after Wyatt passed, WWE put the former Universal Champion on a Legends contract, ensuring he continues to get merch and his family benefits from the sale of it (H/T to Fightful for the transcription).

I have to give WWE credit. They’ve done awesome helping our family out with a lot of different stuff. They put Windham on a legends contract and all the proceeds go to…Windham has four children

It was reported shortly after Wyatt’s passing that WWE planned on giving all money from his merch sales to his fiance and children, and Rotunda has now confirmed that. Wyatt’s father added that he doesn’t think WWE is done releasing Wyatt merch. The company added a legacy collection with new items to WWE Shop recently, something Rotunda acknowledged while noting he believes there are new designs the company hasn’t even used yet.


Wyatt’s Wedding

Wyatt had four children, two with his first wife and two more with his fiance, former WWE announcer, Jojo Offerman. Offerman revealed at the start of December that she and Wyatt were supposed to get married a couple of weeks ago, something Rotunda commented on during his interview too. Rotunda also noted that his mother, Wyatt’s grandmother, passed away just two weeks before his son did. An incredibly hard year for him and his entire family.

Our hearts continue to go out to Rotunda, Offerman, and all of Wyatt’s family and friends during what has been an awful few months for all of them. It’s heartwarming to hear WWE has been helping take care of them through a Legends contract and merch sales, and remember that’s where your money is going whenever you next buy something Wyatt-themed from

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