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Mike Tyson Reveals Jake Paul Exhibition Has ‘Real Fight’ Rules


  • Tyson explains that his bout with Jake Paul will follow “real fight” rules in a high-profile exhibition match on Netflix.
  • Tyson believes Paul underestimates him, claiming age is irrelevant and challenging critics to match his arena-filling popularity.
  • The boxing legend defends his decision to face Paul, dismissing jealousy from other athletes and highlighting his unique draw in the ring.

In a new interview, Mike Tyson has revealed that his upcoming fight with Jake Paul is an exhibition but will have “real fight” rules. The highly anticipated bout is set to take place on July 20th and will be live-streamed on Netflix. Due to Tyson’s age, speculation surrounding the rules of the bout was a trending topic following the announcement.

‘Iron Mike’ is 30 years older than Paul but is confident he can defeat the YouTube sensation when they meet in the ring in the summer. Previous reports suggested that Tyson will have to pass a series of medical tests for the fight to be considered a pro bout. However, the legendary boxer has shed light on the rules for the fight.

Mike Tyson Reveals The Exhibition Bout With Paul Will Have Real Fight Rules

The Legendary Boxer Explained Why He Believes He Will Beat Jake Paul

In an interview on Fox News with Sean Hannity, Tyson said “this is called an exhibition but if you look up exhibition you won’t see any of the laws we are fighting under.”

Tyson did not elaborate on the rules but acknowledged that Paul is no longer the youtuber he saw dancing on videos and that ‘The Problem Child’ will come into the fight trying to hurt, which he added that he is accustomed to.

Tyson said Paul is “greatly mistaken” if he believes that he will come out victorious. The former heavyweight champion confirmed that he wants to teach Paul a lesson but doesn’t have any grudges against his opponent and described him as “beautiful.”

Mike Tyson Blasts His Critics Ahead Of Jake Paul Clash

‘Iron Mike’ Believes Jealousy Is Behind The Criticism From Fellow Boxers

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Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has strongly defended his decision to engage in a high-profile boxing match against YouTube sensation Jake Paul, amid criticism from various quarters. Speaking out against detractors, Tyson, 58, asserted that age is not a barrier to his relevance in the boxing world, citing the massive viewership his discussions on fighting generate.

Addressing those who question the validity of his bout with Paul, Tyson dismissed accusations of jealousy from other athletes, emphasizing the immense public interest he garners. He challenged skeptics to replicate his feat of filling an 80,000-seat arena at his age, highlighting the unique draw his matchup with Paul presents.

“I’m 58, and what? I’m getting billions of views from just talking about fighting. Everybody, even most of the athletes, they’re jealous… You couldn’t sell out an arena. Who at 58 can sell out an 80,000-seat arena? Why do you think he wants to fight me and not anybody else? All the boxers want to fight him. But if he fought them, the only people that will come are the people that like him. Their parents might not even come watch them.”

In Tyson’s view, Paul’s choice to fight him over other boxers proves his marketability and appeal to a wider audience. He suggested that while many boxers may desire to face Paul, they lack the same pulling power to attract spectators beyond the internet personality’s fanbase.

Tyson’s comments come amidst ongoing debates surrounding the legitimacy of crossover fights involving non-traditional boxers like Paul, whose foray into the sport has drawn both acclaim and criticism. Despite the backlash, Tyson remains resolute in his support for the matchup, confident in its ability to defeat his much younger opponent.

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