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Mike Tyson’s Boxing Training Gets A Reaction From Jake Paul Ahead Of Their Fight


  • Tyson’s intense training footage left Jake Paul visibly stunned, sparking excitement and concern for their upcoming bout.
  • Paul’s girlfriend voiced worry about Tyson’s power, wondering if he could knock Paul out in the ring.
  • Despite criticism, Paul remains grateful for the attention the fight has garnered, believing in his ability to withstand Tyson’s power.

Jake Paul found himself visibly stunned after witnessing the training footage of former heavyweight king, Mike Tyson. Tyson, aged 58, is set to step back into the ring on July 20th to take on Paul on Netflix, sparking a mix of excitement and concern among fans.

The anticipation for this bout has been palpable, with Tyson sharing glimpses of his rigorous training regimen on social media platforms. However, the intensity of Tyson’s punches has left not only fans but also Paul himself, questioning the wisdom of the match-up.

Jake Paul’s Girlfriend Jutta Leerdam Worries That Iron Mike Might Knock Him Out

Paul Watched Intensely As Tyson Showed Impressive Reflexes

During a segment on his podcast, Paul was confronted with footage showcasing Tyson’s raw power, both from recent training sessions and his preparation for the 2020 bout against Roy Jones Jr. The sight seemed to rattle Paul, who leaned forward to examine the punches closely, with his girlfriend, Jutta Leerdam voiced concern about the potential outcome.

“What if he knocks you out?” Leerdam asked, conveying her apprehension about the dangers of facing off against the seasoned heavyweight icon.

In response, Paul, maintaining his characteristic humor, suggested a simple solution: “Just look away.” She retorted, “That will not be good, babe,” indicating her genuine concern for Paul’s well-being in the ring.

Paul previously admitted to the daunting challenge ahead, acknowledging Tyson as his toughest opponent yet, regardless of age. Despite the widespread criticism surrounding the proposed fight, Paul expressed gratitude for the attention it has garnered and displayed confidence in his ability to withstand Tyson’s power.

“I am biting off a lot. This is definitely the toughest, most savage, lethal opponent regardless of age, because the power is the last thing to go. But the reaction and reception of it is insane. I almost can’t even believe it, so very surreal and very, very grateful for all of that.”

Mike Tyson Revealed His Stance On Fighting Again Before Jake Paul

‘Iron Mike’ Was Ready To Return For The Right Price

During a recent Champions Gala Dinner, media inquiries led to a revealing statement from boxing legend Mike Tyson regarding his stance on returning to the ring, particularly in response to the antics of John Fury and the possibility of a match against the father of Tyson Fury.

“I don’t do that stuff no more,” Tyson asserted, indicating his disinterest in engaging in such promotional activities. “I only fight for money, okay.”

Addressing the persistent speculation surrounding a potential comeback, Tyson remained pragmatic, stating, “Everybody wants me to fight an exhibition. Everybody, hey listen, if the price is right.”

Tyson’s comments offer insight into his current priorities and motivations, highlighting the financial aspect as a key factor in any potential return to the sport.

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