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Minor Tag Teams Everyone Remembers

WCW was the home of some of the greatest professional wrestlers in the world back in the day. Names such as Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Sting and Ric Flair spent the majority of the 1990s promoting WCW. WCW developed memorable tag teams that helped the company compete with WWE as well. The Outsiders, Harlem Heat and the Steiners would all go down in history as some of the greatest tag teams of all time.


10 Tag Teams With The Most Impressive Looking Physiques In WCW History

They sure looked impressive together in WCW.

With such prominent tag teams dominating the main events and world tag team picture, many other teams would seem minor. Those minor teams didn’t have the in-depth storylines, title runs or high card rankings on Nitro or pay per views. Yet, many of those minor teams became memorable in the eyes of the fans.

Jung Dragons Debuted In 2000

Dragons Were Managed By Leia Meow

Wrestling Career

Debuted in 2000

Disbanded in 2005

Major Accomplishments

Wrestled at Starrcade 2000

Defeated Jamie Knoble & Evan Karagias at WCW Sin 2001

In early 2000 Jimmy Hart put Kaz Hayashi, Yang and Jamie Noble together as the Yung Dragons. While the gimmick included a somewhat comedic (and controversial) cultural gimmick, the Dragons were known for their high-flying move set. The cruiserweight tag team feuded with 3 Count for most of their WCW run. The ladder matches between the two teams were some of the brightest moments of the dying days of WCW. One of the most memorable attributes of the Jung Dragons was their domanatrix manager Leia Meow.

The Dynamic Dudes Didn’t Quite Work

They Were Briefly Managed By Jim Cornette

Wrestling Career

Debuted in 1989

Disbanded in 1990

Major Accomplishments

Defeated Samoan Swat Team at WrestleWar

Feuded With Midnight Express

The Dynamic Dudes of Shane Douglas and Johnny Ace may be more notorious than memorable, yet the duo is hard to forget. While, the duo’s gimmick of skateboarders wearing neon colors and carrying skate boards to the ring seemed hip for the era, the gimmick flopped. Neither Douglas or Ace could ride a skateboard, nor did they come off as particularly cool for a gimmick that you had to be cool in. Their manager Jim Cornette would turn on the Dudes leading to a feud with the Midnight Express.

The Blue Bloods Deserved More In WCW

William Regal & Dave Taylor Teamed On SmackDown In The Mid 2000s

Wrestling Career

Debuted in 1995

Disbanded (in WCW) in 2000

Major Accomplishments

Feuded with Sting & Lex Luger

Wrestled The Nasty Boys at Great American Bash 1995

The original concept of the Blue Bloods consisted of Lord Steven Regal and Jean-Paul Levesque, yet Jean Paul left WCW to join WWE as Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Triple H). Therefore, Regal would bring in Squire Dave Taylor and eventually the Earl Robert Eaton and the butler Jeeves. The Blue Bloods would teach fans the proper English etiquette. The arrogant, artisocrats would be excellent heels on WCW television. While the Blue Bloods would not capture the WCW tag team titles, they would feud with main event teams such as Harlem Heat and Sting and Lex Luger.

Young Pistols Debuted In 1987

Smothers & Armstrong Won The OVW Southern Tag Team Championship In 2000

Wrestling Careers

Debuted in 1987

Disbanded in 2000

Major Accomplishments

Championship Wrestling from Florida Tag Team Champions

WCW United States Tag Team Champions

The Young Pistols Tracy Smothers and Steve Armstrong started off in Championship Wrestling from Florida as the Wild-Eyed Southern Boys. Yet, by 1991 the Boys became the Young Pistols and battled other cowboyesque teams in WCW. Yet, as 1992 neared the Pistols turned heel and captured the WCW United States Tag Team titles. That spring Steve Armstrong left his partner and went to WWE. In the summer Tracy Smothers left for Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Yet, the Young Pistols still remain an unforgettable WCW tag team.

The Patriots Were A Midcard Tag Team

They Were Billed From ‘WCW Special Forces’

Wrestling Career

Debuted in July 1991

Disbanded in May 1992

Major Accomplishments

WCW United States Tag Team Champions

Feuded with Fabulous Freebirds

Todd Champion and Firebreaker Chip had a remarkable professional wrestling look. The team was muscular and strong and named the Patriots. Champion was billed as having a military background and Chip as a firefighter. The duo were a popular fan favorite in WCW. Rumors are WCW planned adding a police officer and astronaut to the group of community helpers. Champion and Chip feuded with the Fabulous Freebirds, winning the United States Tag Team Championship from the ‘Birds in August 1991. By the summer of 1992 the Patriots’ time as a tag team in WCW came to an end.

West Hollywood Blondes Were A Controversial Act

Inspired By SNL Skit Ambiguously Gay Duo

Wrestling Career

Debuted in 1999

Disbanded (in WCW) in 2000

Major Accomplishments

Paired with Miss Hancock (Stacy Keibler)

WCW Cruiserweight Championship (Lenny Lane)

The West Hollywood Blondes were a spoof off the more famous duo of Steve Austin and Brian Pillman; the Hollywood Blondes. The duo of Lenny Lane and Lodi portrayed the controversial characters. WCW implied the team was gay originally by emphasizing offensive labels such as pink trunks, pigtails and glitter. Eventually, WCW kayfabed that the duo were brothers, but the controversy was too great for the team to survive. The Blondes were taken off television and came back as Standards and Practices with Miss Hancock. As Standards and Practices the duo protested adult themed storylines.

The Cole Twins Didn’t Last Long In WCW

Brought To WCW By Dusty Rhodes

Wrestling Career

Debuted in 1992

Disbanded (in WCW) in 1994

Major Accomplishments

PWI Rookie of the Year 1993 (2nd Runners-Up)

NWA Wildside Tag Team Championship

Identical twins Kent and Keith Cole both stood 6’2 and weighed a combined weight of 524 pounds. The Coles had bleach blonde flat top mullets and remain a memorable minor WCW tag team. The Cole Twins mostly performed as a babyface team on WCW’s syndicated television shows. The team feuded with notable duos such as Harlem Heat, Hollywood Blondes and Tex Slazenger and Shanghai Pierce (later known as The Godwinns in WWE). The Cole Twins WCW run would end in early 1994. After 6 years, the Coles would have a productive one-year run with the NWA from 2000 to 2001.

High Voltage Split Due To An Injury

Robbie Rage & Kenny Kaos Were WCW Power Plant Graduates

Wrestling Career

Debuted in 1996

Disbanded in 1998

Major Accomplishments

Made their PPV debut at Hog Wild 1996

Defeated Wrath & Mortis on Monday Nitro (1997)

HIgh Voltage (Rage & Kaos) joined the WCW Power Plant in 1995. By the summer of 1996, they debuted on Monday Nitro. The jacked up duo stood out on television as impressive, explosive athletes. While High Voltage never reached the heights that their potential suggested, they still remain a very memorable tag team.


10 Bad WCW Tag Teams (Who Had One Redeeming Quality)

While these WCW tag teams didn’t achieve much in the ring, they at least had one intriguing aspect about them.

Rage got injured in 1998 and Kaos joined Rick Steiner, capturing the World Tag Team Championship alongside The Dog Faced Gremlin. In December 1998, Rage returned and confronted Kaos but a feud never occurred. Rage left WCW shortly afterward.

American Males Had A Brief Run As WCW World Tag Team Champions

Scotty Riggs Called Himself The U.S. Male In ECW In 2000

Wrestling Career

Debuted in 1995

Disbanded in 1996

Major Accomplishments

WCW World Tag Team Championship

Defeated The Nasty Boys

Marcus Bagwell and Scotty Riggs combined as the American Males in August 1995. The American Males wore suspenders to the ring and enjoy showing off their impressive physiques. The playboy duo were a face tag team that performed on the first WCW Monday Nitro (albeit in a dark match). The team upset Harlem Heat for the WCW World Tag Team Champions in October 1995 but lost the belts back to Booker T and Stevie Ray later that month. In November 1996, Bagwell turned on Riggs and joined the nWo, becoming Buff the Stuff. Yet, the American Males tag team is a memorable duo.

The Faces Of Fear Were Heenan Family Members In WWE

The Duo Competed Together Against The Rockers At WrestleMania 7

Wrestling Career

Debuted (in WCW) in 1996

Disbanded (in WCW) in 1999

Major Accomplishments

Battled The Outsiders at Starrcade 1996

Feuded with Hulk Hogan

It should be a sin to call the Barbarian and Meng/Haku a minor tag team, yet the intimidating duo never won a tag title in their WCW careers. Barbarian would team with Meng (as Haku) in WWE as part of the Heenan Family. Yet, in WCW the savage duo would be dubbed the Faces of Fear.


10 Things Fans Forget About The Dungeon Of Doom In WCW

The Dungeon of Doom had iterations in WWE and WCW, and there’s probably a lot you forgot about their run in the latter.

While booked as monsters part of the Dungeon of Doom stable, the Faces of Fear never lived up to their potential. At Road Wild 1998, the duo would battle each other in a singles match on pay-per-view. Meng won the match.

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