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Miss Elizabeth’s Age, Height, Husbands, Death

Prior to the women’s revolution in WWE in the 2010s, there were a select number of women throughout WWE history who were seen as the most influential and beloved female personalities in professional wrestling, and Miss Elizabeth was one of those few, even though she scarcely competed in any matches throughout her career.


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When it comes to her life in and outside of the ring, there is a fair bit to know about “The First Lady Of Wrestling”, such as her marriages, her untimely death, and the impact she had in WWE in terms of feuds, those she managed, and so more.

Miss Elizabteh Was Married To “Macho Man” Randy Savage

One Of WWE’s Most Famous Couples

  • Elizabeth met Savage in a gym
  • They got married in 1984
  • They divorced in 1992

When it comes to Miss Elizabeth’s relationships, the most prominent was with former WWE & WCW World Champion, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, with their partnership being one of, if not the single most famous and beloved couple in the history of professional wrestling.

The pair actually met in a gym before Elizabeth even made it to WWE, and they got married in 1984 in a marriage which lasted for eight years, as they got divorced in 1992. Due to their relationship, Elizabeth was brought into the fold on WWE programming, introducing her as someone who was vying with others to be Savage’s manager.

Miss Elizabeth Was 5’4” In Height

She Was Not The Tallest

Billed Height

Billed Weight

5 feet 4 inches

115 lbs

Miss Elizabeth wasn’t the tallest to step foot in professional wrestling, though she wasn’t super tiny by any means either. Elizabeth stood at 5 feet and 4 inches, making her a good fit for the character she was portraying for much of her WWE run – an elegant woman who exudes class and beauty, but also has a lot of strength too.

If she were to have stepped foot in the ring in today’s professional wrestling landscape, she would likely fall shorter than many of those who are top stars in women’s wrestling. However, Elizabeth was hardly ever an in-ring performer anyway.

Miss Elizabeth Was Involved In Several Notable WWE Storylines

  • Elizabeth was the manager of Randy Savage
  • She played a huge role in the Mega Powers exploding
  • Elizabeth and Savage turned against one another in WWE

Miss Elizabeth wasn’t just a “manager” in WWE, as she became an integral part to several WWE storylines. She was the central focus in Savage’s feuds with George “The Animal” Steele and Honky Tonk Man, and Hulk Hogan’s protective nature over her led to the implosion of the Mega Powers tag team and Savage’s heel turn, which was spurred on by jealousy.


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This all led to Savage turning his back on both Hogan and Elizabeth, until she finally broke free from him after mistreatment. She played a role in feuds going against her real life husband.

Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth Had One Of WrestleMania’s Greatest Moment

Their Reunion Is Iconic

  • Sensational Sherri became Randy Savage’s manager
  • Savage lost a retirement match to Ultimate Warrior
  • Elizabeth saved Savage from Sherri

Miss Elizabeth gradually moved away from WWE programming for a while during Randy Savage’s heel run, but she appeared ringside at WrestleMania 7 when Savage lost a retirement match to The Ultimate Warrior. Savage’s manager at the time, Sensational Sherri, began attacking Savage after his loss.

Elizabeth jumped the barricade and entered the ring, throwing Sherri out of the ring to a ginormous pop. Savage & Elizabeth had a goosebump inducing staredown before embracing in the ring to a massive ovation, giving fans one of the greatest WrestleMania moments in the entire history of the event.

Miss Elizabeth Had Other Relationships In Her Life

Elizbeth Had Relationships After Savage

  • She remarried in 1997
  • Elizabeth was divorced a second time in 1999
  • Her final relationship was with Lex Luger

As previously noted, Elizabeth’s relationship with Randy Savage came to an end in 1992. In 1997, Elizabeth got married to attorney Cary Lubetsky, though within two years this marriage came to an end.

She entered a relationship with another wrestler, Lex Luger, whom she began to manage during their time in WCW. Elizabeth and Luger would have some legal issues, with allegations of domestic abuse taking place.

Miss Elizabeth Was A Member Of The NWO

Elizabeth, Along With Savage, Joined The Group

  • Elizabeth signed with WCW in 1996
  • Countless individuals joined the nWo
  • She managed Lex Luger after leaving the group

The list of nWo members by the time the group came to an end was farcical, with everyone and their neighbor seemingly being a part of the act. Miss Elizabeth was also a member of the nWo, joining the faction in September 1996. She joined forces with the nWo after turning against Randy Savage and siding with Hulk Hogan, though it wasn’t long until Savage would join the nWo himself anyway.

Elizabeth was a part of both nWo Wolfpac and nWo Hollywood, remaining with the faction officially until 1999. She was the 10th official member of the nWo as a surprisingly early name to join up.

Miss Elizabeth Died Tragically In 2003

She Passed Away At A Young Age

Date Died

Cause Of Death

May 1, 2003

Acute Toxicity

At just the age of 42, Miss Elizabeth tragically died. In 2003 on May 1, her partner at the time Lex Luger found Elizabeth unresponsive and not breathing.


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Her cause of death was put down to “acute toxicity”, said to be due to vodka and painkillers. Elizabeth is one of many names from the professional wrestling world to lose their life far too early.

Miss Elizabeth Would Be 64 Today

Elizabeth Would’ve Still Not Been Especially Old If She Were Still Alive

Date Of Birth

Place Of Birth

November 19, 1960

Frankfort, Kentucky, US

Elizabeth passed away at 42, as previously mentioned. If she were still alive today, she would be just 64 years old, which just goes to show how young she was, considering it has been two decades since her tragic passing.

Elizabeth was born in 1960, entering the WWE spotlight in her 20s.

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